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  1. Aldrich/Brand

    Greetings, once again!

    It's been far too long since my studies have permitted me time to travel across the Mist! Last time I found my way across was the Banquet in the Spirit Realm, an interesting venture, to say the least. However, I find myself quite in the dark regarding Dragonreach's current state, my last...
  2. Aldrich/Brand

    Visitor from the North

    Hey guys! So, most of you don't know me, but I'm the player of Velnaeus, a character in the Traverse City chapter. I'll been to nearly every event in Traverse the past four or five years, and also attended several Dragonreach events, and now that I'm more set in my finances, I'd like to make it...
  3. Aldrich/Brand

    Regarding Artifacts

    I've done some experimenting with the Shards of Arden, and I found that my previous expertise in handling Creation is heavily applicable to the use of Shards, as they function off the same magical primer and share a common source. In fact, I've succeeded in creating an Artifact using the...
  4. Aldrich/Brand

    A proper introduction

    Hello, fellow adventurers. I've visited the dream realm in order to clear a wrong of mine, that none of you were aware. I have been adventuring for some time now, going by the name 'Wycliff'. While I'm sure there aren't any of you who had reason to disbelieve that, it is not, in fact, my...
  5. Aldrich/Brand

    Travel Preparations

    I am planning on joining you all at your next gather, however, the last time I came through the mists, it caused a major flux in the power of my eyes, leaving me mostly blind, save our time in the spirit realm. If possible, I'd like to know the state of your greater planes (I.e. Nature, Void...
  6. Aldrich/Brand

    On Void Magic

    As most of you know, I am now a Creation and Void Mage. Though I doubt any of you will strongly object to my use of Creation, the same cannot be said about Void: however, I believe this may be partially out of ignorance, in most cases. Therefore, I would like to eliminate that ignorance, in...
  7. Aldrich/Brand

    A Disturbing Dream

    A few days ago, I received a vision regarding quite a terrifying occurrence regarding the elders, the world dragon, and an ancient adversary from across the mists: an experience that shook even me to the core. I hope, with every fiber of my being, that others have experienced this vision. I'll...
  8. Aldrich/Brand

    An Apology

    As I'm sure it was noted, I've been absent from the dealings of Valdanis for some time now. It goes without saying that I've been dealing with personal business, but even beyond that, there is another important reason for this absence. I've been reflecting on the events that have transpired...
  9. Aldrich/Brand

    Studying the mists.

    I've decided to observe the nature of the mists, which I've surmised can only be accomplished by traveling through them myself. From what I've gathered, your realm has the thinnest layer to cross, which I would prefer, seeing as I've not traveled the mists before. Akin to this topic is the...
  10. Aldrich/Brand

    State of Tavern Affairs

    Relations between adventurers are straying farther and farther away from anything one could call "comradeship". Therefore, I would like to propose a gathering on the eve of next market day to sort out the internal issues currently plaguing us. As we saw last market day, not much can be...
  11. Aldrich/Brand

    Finding Brand

    Though I am sure you are not all aware, my brother Aldrich was killed a while back. Moreover, he was not killed bodily, but his spirit, which was ripped from his body by none other than the other soul residing there, a greater fire elemental named Brand. The current issue is Brand himself, as he...
  12. Aldrich/Brand

    The Study of the one Magic Issue

    As I am a man of knowledge, and not war, I would like to emphasize the fact that I am not as durable as a barbarian warrior or other such professions, and I do not appreciate death. This being so, please keep in mind that if the time comes that I offend any of you by way of my assessment of your...
  13. Aldrich/Brand

    Looking for Ritual caster

    I'm starting a new character, an elf adept, but I will have an arcane armor and spirit link scroll I need casted. Is there anyone who can help me out with this?