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  1. Elros

    May 6th Favorites!

    I had a great time this weekend and I sure hope everyone did too! Thank you to all the great NPCs who made it all possible! Here are a couple of my highlights! - The big golden blade fight on Saturday afternoon! Very fun, very hectic. Very much so enjoyed going toe-to-toe with General Hildegard...
  2. Elros

    Repair Armor Skill & Arcane Armor

    "This ability allows the use of Armor Patches and allows the character to Refit Amor in one minute. Additional purchases reduce the refit time by an additional 10 seconds per purchase. May be purchased up to 4 times." Would this ability allow you to repair arcane armor in 60 seconds?
  3. Elros

    A few words

    Hello friends. After the events of this past weekend with the Lich, I think I would like to say a few words. I don't believe anything that happened this weekend was a failure. The first thing we did Friday night was to successfully capture another of the lich's phylacteries, an outstanding...
  4. Elros

    Resolved Identification in the Celestial Circle

    EDIT: There is nothing in the rulebook to define the specifics of how identification within a celestial circle of power works, regarding willing creatures, and which, if any, game mechanics are at work / required to do so. So I have a few questions regarding how it is supposed to work: Can a...
  5. Elros

    The hunt continues

    Good evening friends! I have been keeping busy this past month, and it has seemingly paid off in a number of ways. First off! I have met up with Daniel Landry, Master of Necromantic Prevention, of the magic guild. I will be working under him to find out more, and better ways to slow...
  6. Elros

    Magic Item Reprints

    Hello there folks! It's your friendly neighborhood logistics guy here. We found out at season opener that a lot of us have older M.I. tags that were created after 2.0, but before we started doing stuff with the CMA, and thus, many of our tags dont have the "item number" that is necessary to...
  7. Elros

    July 2021 Favorites!

    Now that I've had some time to unpack and get back into the swing of things, I thought it was about time to hear some favorites from the game! Dire Beavers! Well.. kind of. The excitement from everyone when Matt announced "the creatures with fur around their tails are were beavers" was awesome...
  8. Elros

    Size of the rooms in a 3 room cottage

    I wasn't quite sure where to ask this, but in the players guide, when it says that a three room cottage is 1500 copper, what are the dimensions of said rooms? Or is it more or less up to local plot how those things are worked out?
  9. Elros

    Investment & Wards/Wizard Locks

    When you're invested in a ward, or have an investment spell cast on you, is this investment on your body or spirit? Or, I guess more specifically, does this investment go away when you resurrect, or does it persist? Or even, does this effect end when you go from bleeding out to dead, as per...
  10. Elros

    October Castle Favorites

    Thank you, Matt, Jordan, and Ryan, for making this an amazing game this year for everyone. I thoroughly enjoyed every event put on this year, and this was an awesome season closer. Some of my favorites in no particular order: "Goat Balls" - Such a fun mod, charms being handed out like...
  11. Elros

    Resolved Combined Strike + Precise Blow + Magisterium Strike

    Was told this is probably an ARC question rather than Marshall, so I'll re-ask it here (: Could a person use Precise Blow, combined with Combined Strike and/or Magisterium Strike, etc. to turn the healing carrier into body? Assuming you are still using a ranged, small, or short weapon? Combine...
  12. Elros

    Combined Strike + Precise Blow + Magisterium Strike

    Can you combine: Combined Strike + Precise Blow + Magisterium Strike to swing, for example, "40 arcane-strike body" instead of "40 arcane-strike healing" as precise blow changes your carrier to body? “Penetrating Attack.” The character may, once per Logistics period per purchase, use the “Body”...
  13. Elros

    Purchasing Skills

    Let's say there's a Rogue with 29 points in Stealth Skills. Can they purchase an assassinate? the requirements say "1 per 30 XP in stealth skills" I'm just wondering if you need to have the 30 XP before you can buy the assassinate, or if the XP from the assassinate itself counts as having 30.
  14. Elros

    Ritual Casting Rules

    So I always hear people saying that if you lose focus during a ritual casting, that it automatically fails. Is that an LCO thing for Minnesota, or is there a rule that I'm misinterpreting? I just ask because I haven't seen anything about it in the rulebook
  15. Elros

    Drain vs Enfeeble

    Drain, as an 8th level necromancy spell (costing 40 production to put into a potion) does the exact same thing that Enfeeble does, costing 30 production to put into a gas globe to throw, without the illegal consequences. And in fact seems to be slightly better than drain, in that enfeeble...
  16. Elros

    Bows for Weapon Traps

    Is a bow a valid weapon to be used as a weapon trap? As in, you have some mechanical device drawing the string back, and the trigger releases the string, shooting the arrow forward?
  17. Elros

    Meditation & Counterspell

    Can you meditate back a spell expended for the use of Counterspell? The ritual says you may "expend a spell in memory" but I guess I don't know the technical definition of "expend" or whether the spell is considered to have resolved or not. Thoughts?
  18. Elros

    July Favorites

    This was a real fun event! Thank you plot and NPCs for making this another great weekend. And a big thanks to Zihr for taking the responsibility of doing all the cooking for this event. We appreciate you! A few of my favorites were Getting the hook for "A murder most fowl" and Zihr debating...
  19. Elros

    Crafting Plans

    I dont think these have been introduced yet, but let's say I find a plan that requires both skill in potion making, and blacksmithing. Let's say I only know potion making. Could I call over my buddy Zhir, with his smithing skills, and work together to make it? Or is it something only one person...
  20. Elros

    Rules 2.0 Lessons?

    I'm not very well versed in the new rules, heck, there are still things in the current rules that I'm learning. I'm sure there are others in the same boat as me. So I guess I'm wondering if people think it would be a good idea to get together sometime here before our first event and go over a...