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  1. Aggravain

    Night Market announcement

    Pinned on the notice board in the tavern, you see a large and flashy poster calling for aid from those brave pathfinders who will be leading the people of the Cairn to the surface. “Surface explorers! As you bravely go before us, know that home is not far from you. I, Kala the Golden, am...
  2. Aggravain

    August 19-21 Event Signup

    August 19,20,21 event signups! Pcs: 1.Chris W 2. Kate F 3. John M 4. Kyle G 5. Alex K 6. Grant M 7. 8. 9. 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 Npc: 1 Kyle S 2. Sam 3. Gabe 4. Angel
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    2022 event schedule

    Hello Friends! Our 2022 event schedule for our on site games at EMR are as follows: August 19-22 Sept 30-Oct 2 Info can be found at
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    Boons of the forgotten

    BOONS!!! We are adding a new way to spend goblin stamps! There are powers at work in the world that are long forgotten. Boons of Nature: Deal with healing and restoration of mind and body. Boons of Hope: Deal with empowerment and purpose Boons of Despair: Deal with boons of destruction and...
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    “What..what are you doing over there.. What’s that moist sound?” Karnak said as he twisted in his shackles as best he could from where the chains were bolted. He looked over to see his friend Viltis the human licking his wrists and ..spitting on them and then working them against the shackles...
  6. Aggravain

    Ascension tale: The pulse.

    Wind..Wind doesn’t matter anymore. It doesn’t “feel” the same. Nothing has for so long. Zoix slowly stood from where they had rested inside a wayward pine. Stretching now more from age old habit than a need, their automaton body made various sounds one would expect from an ancient construct...
  7. Aggravain

    Fundraiser for 2022!

    Hello TRUE BELIEVERS! Fundraiser drive. Another year as we work through the covid situation and feel out what feels right and slowly We had a great fundraiser last year and those funds are being applied to construction on site. This year we have a new goal. That goal being funds for the...
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    Updated policies At Ascension, we want to make sure that people who go out of their way to lend a hand to the chapter get properly rewarded for their efforts! That’s why we offer our players the Magic Item Pick List, from which anyone can “buy” Magic Items, scrolls, catalysts, or components. Of...
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    August Mod DAYS 28-29 2021

    Hello friends. On august 28-29 we will be conducting two mod days. These days will consist of two 8 hour days with 3-4 hours of content per group. 2 groups per day with each npcing for the other in turn Each day will have a max of twelve pcs. All pcs and npcs MUST be vaccinated You may only pc...
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    You character within the Cairn receives a letter: We must Prepare

    Champions within the Cairn. After the revelations of the threats within the Cairn itself and the information that has come to light we have no other choice than to prepare to exit to the surface. Please bring this to the Collegium meeting hall to volunteer for your task. We must obtain three...
  11. Aggravain

    Ascension: Tales of the Fall Embrace the Gloom

    Ascension: Tales of the Fall Embrace the Gloom Time had not been kind to Farhaven. Traffic on the Golon Road had long ago waned over the course of multiple centuries; after the Torreruna marble quarries had played out, and the Saryonne mines dried up, the surrounding towns had dwindled in...
  12. Aggravain

    Ascension: Tales of the Fall Under Wandering Stars

    Ascension: Tales of the Fall Under Wandering Stars “Well,” Tisharelle said in a small, sad voice, “that’s the last of them.” She stared at the spot where the distant figures of the rest of the Jade Pact had finally moved out of sight. It had taken the last caravan hours to move out of sight...
  13. Aggravain

    Ascension: Tales of the Fall No Wealth, No Ruin

    Ascension: Tales of the Fall No Wealth, No Ruin The cacophony of overlapping voices shook the world like an earthquake. Eyes opened wide, startled. ‘I… I live?’ Confusion. He remembered dying. Remembered dying countless times. How? Wait - no. He? Was that right? She? The voices rose...
  14. Aggravain

    Ascension: Tales of the Fall Fate Falls Hard

    Ascension: Tales of the Fall Fate Falls Hard Ellre looked over the caravan, fighting down despair. As the most experienced Warden, it fell upon her to organize the refugees, to lead them to safety. Once again, she had failed. Her scout, Zeno, stood before her, stony faced after delivering...
  15. Aggravain

    Ascension: Tales of the Fall Roots Run Deep

    Ascension: Tales of the Fall Roots Run Deep Raza of House Heartglade stared at the devastation before her, feeling the anger bubbling up inside like the churning waters of a kettle. Sedhidessiss the Braveheart, Dragon of the grove, was gone; slain, torn asunder, and consumed. Her clutch had...
  16. Aggravain

    Ascension: Tales of the Fall No Better to Be Safe

    Ascension: Tales of the Fall No Better to Be Safe ‘No no no no no no NO!’ Sorinaril Flashfire bit back a wave of panic as he rushed to cast his spell before the few filaments of magic left in the leyline dissipated. ‘One half the etheric constant squared…factor for this world’s arcane...
  17. Aggravain

    Ascension: Tales of the Fall Winds of Fortune

    Ascension: Tales of the Fall Winds of Fortune “Helm!” Kaylessa Summerwind shouted, trying to be heard over the battle. “Climb hard, full!” Methelidan’s acknowledgment was lost in the groaning of the PAS Victorious as the airship pulled into a steep ascent. Despite her battle-harness being...
  18. Aggravain

    Tales of the Fall: A new Destiny

    Ahoztar Iragartze Peridotian was luxuriating in a steaming hot bath when the alarm came. It took him a moment to place it, an unfamiliar, utterly irritating noise that disrupted both his thoughts and the peacefulness of his soak. He had almost called to his help to go shut up that noise before...
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    Fundraiser drive. Hello friends. It's the beginning of the year. This year, more so than any other, we need your help. With an entire season with no play, we find ourselves in a spot. So here's to healing and putting things in place at our new home. In short, we have a financial goal of...
  20. Aggravain

    The great companies, Marks of the Collegium and Cairn Greetings.

    In the time before the Fall, the Protectorate forces kept most dangers at bay. Even with their vast magitech and broad range of powers there were threats that still arose. Amongst the people that stepped to the forefront to aid the Protectorate were groups of highly skilled and brave...