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    Schedule of In Town Events

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    Donations 5-Day Big Mid-West

    Yes List is still up to date we always need more packets and sideburns are in high demand
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    Task for the August Market

    I recently was contacted with a request for the Adventure's guild to be engaged to full fill a contract in aid to the war effort against Thonian. Seems our invaders have received some sort of VIP tactician code named "The Oracle" since then there have been seemingly random tombs and mausoleums...
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    August 31st Big Mid 5 Day Event: Foyer Creek Calls

    Hi, I'm so glad you'll be joining us. This site has great hammock trees in our tent city area, I did hammock last time and I loved it. We also have two areas reserved for tenting and two buildings (more depending on work day) available for sleeping in. Chicago Logistics e-mail would be the...
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    Superior Equipment Weapon of smiting

    PG. 68 The ingredient calls for a silver weapon but the rep is notated as a normal weapon, please clarify.
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    Foyer's Creek Events

    Is there a time or theme you have for your tea party?
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    Foyer's Creek Events

    Do you have preferred Days for these?
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    Foyer's Creek Events

    We have a one room school house for the wizard school. Let me know what day you prefer to do it and I will put it on the schedule. Shut the box tournament is a great plan. When do you want the final championship game to be played?
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    Foyer's Creek Events

    I will contact you and we can work together to set up services and operating hours. Thanks so much for your help ☺️ Mayor Harriet will also be so greatful.
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    Foyer's Creek Events

    As you may know 5 days LARPing will be different and we want to try to have a few different activities. I wanted to open up the opportunity for PCs to come up with and run some in town activities, contests, games and lectures. Some things Monster Camp/Foyer's Creek Leadership will be running...
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    Donations 5-Day Big Mid-West

    no specific designs needed, they are for Monster camp.
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    July 22nd Weekend Event: "More of whats New, More of whats Different"

    Looks like there is a time zone shift as they are not central time at this site
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    Ride for the July 15th-17th game

    I think that I can fit you. I need to manage all the pickups and drop offs, as you are not my only air port person
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    Donations 5-Day Big Mid-West

    Donations lists from our plot teams are in and we need your help to make sure we can make this a great big mid west 5 day extravaganza. For every 5 dollars spent you will gain 6 goblin stamps (rounded up) from all three chapters MN, WI, Chicago And 1 Dragon stamp (rounded down). To Claim an...
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    Adventure's Guild Chair Nominations

    I would like to Nominate Beryl as The Chair of Transportation. as one of the activators of our keystone transportation network I think that Beryl would be a natural fit for this role. I would like to Nominate Mint as our Chair of Action. Mint is always ready to go and is best at...
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    Adventure's Guild Chair Nominations

    The Leadership of our new adopted country of Erabella has asked our community to form an Adventure's guild. I Would like to open up Nominations and suggestions of Different Chair positions to fill out the Adventure's Council. -Gertrude Clayheart
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    you are a wonderful inspiration and I'm glad you were able to help with our game, you improved it to no end
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    Mystic tattoo

    I would propose that the duration should be written in the description of Mystic tattoo. the blanket duration statement in the crafting abilities messes with the duration of Adventure equipment and Enhance Equipment (masterwork), and Superiors Equipment. I would propose that a 5 day duration...
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    Armor patch

    is there a rep requirement? or is it kind of like globes where you just need the tag in your pocket
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    Mystic tattoo

    I think this part needs some clearer wording as it does not read that way to me.