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  1. Whyku

    Packet Rubber Bands

    I've tried a few different kinds of rubber bands to hold a packet together but a small number of them always seem to break because of the type of rubber, or just being made and not used over a small period of time. Im wondering what brands or suggestions everyone has to create the perfect packet!
  2. Whyku

    Update from the front

    The Coalition forces caught up with the Royalist forces in the city of Ovesk. The battle lasted for three days with both sides suffering heavy losses. The Coalition managed to maintain the upper hand during the engagement, forcing the Royalist to retreat again, leaving the city of Ovesk in...
  3. Whyku

    News from the Front

    With the Picheston forces harried by the aid provided by the Magic Guild, Merchant Guild, Seekers Guild, Slayers Guild, and the “Adventurers”, the Coalition army has successfully broken the Royalist forces at Manbeck. The fight had minimal resurrections on the side of the Coalition forces, with...
  4. Whyku

    Freedom Coalition Speech

    *This speech will take place at the capital; if you're unable to be there numerous Town Criers will spread the speech throughout Freedom Coalition controlled lands* I, Cardan Powell, on behalf of the Freedom Coalition would like to thank you; the people for their continued support in these...
  5. Whyku

    NPC Gallery

    Keeping track of every NPCs outfit will get a bit tedious so the idea is to take pictures of various NPCs to help with the confusion! We thought it might be useful or at least interesting to everyone else! So here is a link to the gallery! NPC Gallery link To see the link hit View Score...
  6. Whyku

    Donation Thread

    07/05/2021 We are currently only accepting the below donations: Cash $1:5GS Packets 1:2GS (1 Packet gets you 2 Goblin Stamps!!) Trinkets: $1:4GS (If no receipt of the purchase is available, Goblin Stamps will be assigned on a case-by-case basis) Cash donations can be sent to...
  7. Whyku

    May Favorites

    This weekend was amazing! I really was thinking that 3 days might be a bit much given how I normally feel after a 2 days, my body is sore but I regret nothing! 2am blackjack! We only had a small group of people but with Roff (Played by Jonathan) acting as the house I was able to have a great...