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  1. Matthew Byers

    Ritual needs

    My friends, I looking for one who has access to the Ritual Stake of Woe. I fear that I might be in need of it soon. I have components that could be used in its casting but I do not have the skill to cast it myself. Maxwell Maximus Maldavia Moore
  2. Matthew Byers

    Laws of Eloria

    Sorry it took me so long to transcribe this to the dream realm. Maxwell
  3. Matthew Byers

    My Tonchanka

    My Tonchanka, little gypsy varda, on the road I go. My Tonchanka, little gypsy varda, where will it travel? to and fro, to and fro. Maxwell has full memory again. I remember tings, all tings I used to. Now I travel to new land to meet friends, old friends, and make some new friends. I have no...
  4. Matthew Byers

    To offer help and ask for it.

    I am Maxwell Maximus Maldavia Moore. My name may be known to some, unfortunately for me your name may not be known to me. I offer my considerable healing spells to de endeavors of others, if in turn, I am to be aided in discovering de creatures dat took my precious memories from me. I vant my...
  5. Matthew Byers

    Memory problem.

    I travel in hopes of finding se von. Somevon who is of de knowledge of memory. I have had mine stolen, save for bits and pieces. I must regain vhat has been lost. I must be whole again. I have been told my name is Maxwell an that some may know me here.