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  1. Zihr

    Kitchen - August event

    Hello friends, and welcome back to the Happy Husky Tavern - as always Beryl's favorite spot in all the lands! Dianne and I have finished grocery shopping and I'm glad to present our planned menu! As always, my kitchen is pork and shellfish free. We stayed away from sugar substitutes and the...
  2. Zihr

    PRE-REG August 12th EVENT

    That link takes me to the July PreReg, which is closed.
  3. Zihr

    Kitchen - July event

    Hello once again friends, and a hearty welcome back to the Happy Husky Tavern! Still Beryl's favorite place in all of Evodia! Dianne and I have (mostly) finished our grocery shopping and here is our planned menu. As always, my kitchen is shellfish and pork free. I've stayed away from corn...
  4. Zihr

    Adventure's Guild Chair Nominations

    There should be a "Sir" in there somewhere. Also ZIHR, not ZHIR. Sometimes AhZihr but only to a spiderkin (at least I think he's still a spiderkin) I know. As I've stated before, I believe anyone in nobility (or on the noble path) should refrain from taking a position as our duties will take...
  5. Zihr

    Poll to increase registration fee by $5 (COMPLETE)

    Seems a bit generous for a July game ...
  6. Zihr

    A request

    A most hearty thank you to Master Smiths Iganeous and Cass for their generosity this last market day. I do not know the specifics of what was sold, created, and/or donated - and that is not important, we aren't keeping a tally here. What is important is these two dug deep into their personal...
  7. Zihr

    May 6th Favorites!

    Holy crow, what a great weekend! Thanks everyone :) In no particular order, some of my favorite things were . . . Running the kitchen. Welcoming everyone back to the Happy Husky and seeing the reactions to Lady Greycloud's Mac & Cheese always warms my heart. Having to make choices because...
  8. Zihr

    Kitchen - May event

    Hello friends, and welcome back to the Happy Husky Tavern - Beryl's favorite place in all of Evodia!! Dianne and I have just finished our grocery shopping expedition, here is the menu. As a note, my kitchen will be completely pork and shellfish free. As much as possible I've stayed away from...
  9. Zihr

    New Player Suggestions

    Very much appreciated. Typically I spend most of Thursday doing shopping, prepping, and cooking so I can spend more time at game playing than cooking. Almost everything I bring is heat & eat! Squire Edwina is almost certainly all the help I'll need. Enjoy the game, immerse yourself, should I...
  10. Zihr

    A request

    Friends, adventurers, nobles, and citizens of Erabella . . . We have the burden of defending our homes, our lands, our very lives against the treacherous incursion by the Golden Blades and other forces of Thoinia. Pointing fingers and placing blame will not help and can be sorted out once we...
  11. Zihr

    Scouting for the Duchess and Recruitment

    Squire Captain Cass I would hope it does not need to be said, however I would rather be certain there is no doubt. Plan on my assistance in whatever capacity is needed. Lord Knight Zihr of House Husky Sworn Paladin to Baron Gibbs of the Eastern Territories
  12. Zihr

    PRE-REG: May 6th Event

    I'll be in charge of kitchen for the May event. My plan is to post a menu after I shop for groceries - shortages and cost increases could really ruin my plans! I got you :)
  13. Zihr

    New Player Suggestions

    Hello! Lodging is provided, meals are as follows - Friday night snack, Saturday breakfast, Saturday lunch, and Saturday dinner. Bring an overnight bag, an "in period" mug to drink out of, bedding (pillow and blanket at the least), bug spray (although almost certainly someone will have some to...
  14. Zihr

    2022 Schedule Post

    Will there be a season pass option? ~Brad / Zihr
  15. Zihr

    The seventh guild

    I don't believe there will be Prestige within the Adventurer's Guild, but as mentioned nothing has been decided. Also I don't recall anyone saying this guild would be in charge of the town box, although I'm certainly not opposed to it. My thoughts on it are I do NOT believe anyone currently...
  16. Zihr

    The seventh guild

    Friends - At the last gathering, Prime Minister Cardan Powell asked some of us to organize a seventh guild. The Adventurer's Guild. Some of the leadership of Erabella are a bit concerned that a fair number of adventurers have made no moves to integrate into society and the current six guilds...
  17. Zihr

    Where we've left it

    Friends - As we begin to move into winter's grip, I thought it might be helpful if we have something to look back on in the spring about what we've accomplished and what we have yet to do. The Wraith Lord is still out there along with many Vampires and the Lich from Count Ferrant's lands. I...
  18. Zihr

    Scroll from the previous gathering

    I believe due to the gathering being held today, we should simply auction it at the gathering to avoid anyone missing their opportunity. Lord Knight Zihr of House Husky Sworn Paladin to Baron Marciano Gibbs of the Eastern Territories
  19. Zihr

    The People’s Champion

    Squire Cass, I believe the agreement was to duel at noon on Saturday. Vicount please correct me if I'm mistaken. Lord Knight Zihr of House Husky Sworn Paladin to Baron Marciano of the Eastern Territories
  20. Zihr

    Earth Blades this gathering

    Iganeous As I'm given to understand it, an earth blade will ignore the armor of an undead much like a chaos blade would ignore your finely crafted armor. While some undead will be harmed by different elements in greater effects than your standard sword strike, such as fire to a mummy, an...