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  1. Parzivel

    Future Events

    Hello! I thought I saw an announcement of a date later this year (or multiple dates?) but now I can't find it. Are there any events currently scheduled after May?
  2. Parzivel


    To use a scroll, do you read the incantation, then touch it with the packet? Or touch it with the packet and then read the incantation? Read Magic: To use a magical scroll, you must actually hold the scroll before you, have enough light to be able to read it, actually read the scroll, say the...
  3. Parzivel

    Request on Answers (Moved from Marshal Discussion)

    Hey, just a request: When answers DO get posted here, it would be delightful if there could be some content or even rationale included in those answers. Why is that the answer? Is there a rule we can look at to see that answer for ourselves? Is this a ruling based on the intent of the rules or...
  4. Parzivel

    Taking Actions between Incantation and Throw

    Can a person complete the incantation of a spell, use another skill, and then throw the packet as long as it occurs within 2 seconds? For example: “I call upon Earth to grant 5 Healing.” (packet still in hand) "500 Body" (hit opponent with a sword) Throw packet. or, more simply: "5 Elemental...
  5. Parzivel

    What Is Needed

    Hello! What I am seeing in a few different places in a lot of confusion about why these changes are being proposed. I know it can be a lot of work, but a document that details what problems are being fixed or what parts of the game are being enhanced would be really helpful. It's hard to...
  6. Parzivel

    Trying to get ahold of management

    Hey, if anyone reading this is in touch with the Owner or managers for SF Alliance (or is one of those), can you please contact me (or get them to)? I'm trying to get some information about your Chapter. I've sent a few emails to the owners and managers with no response.
  7. Parzivel

    Looking for a contact

    Hello! I'm trying to get a hold of someone (or some people) in charge of Alliance SF. I sent an email, but am not totally sure if the address from the national page is a good one. Who would be the best person to speak to?
  8. Parzivel

    Greenwood: Sky High Ranch

    Hey! I just wanted to check for an official response.... is the High Town/Low Town split still in effect? Should non-Baronial groups bother to request Greenwood cabins in April, or should we stick with Lucky/Citadel? P.S. Is Citadel open? Thank you!
  9. Parzivel

    Location Location Location (Site Survey)

    There has been a lot of interesting perception around which sites we have enjoyed and which we have not. Some people seem to think "everyone" loves Site A, while others thing "everyone" loves Site B. For some actual data...
  10. Parzivel

    Used Ringmesh for Sale

    I have a short-sleeved XL V-neck Ringmesh shirt for sale. There is a small hole under the left armpit. New, it sells for $297.10 plus shipping. I am looking for $125 plus shipping, OBO. Anyway, if you are interested, let me know.
  11. Parzivel

    Long Claws

    Being a part of a temporary "alternate campaign" team, I am learning all sorts of new things about the backside of this game (yes... that part) that I didn't know before. One that came up recently was that it is apparently totally outside the boundaries to create a monster with two long claws...
  12. Parzivel

    Loot sack!

    OOG*: Ok, seriously, though, someone (Locke?) pointed out to me today an issue with loot sack and loot-split in general that I'd love to see fixed. Saturday night's fight was AWEsome with a capital AWE, and it seems brutally unfair that the PCs that helped out as orcs and undead did so not only...
  13. Parzivel


    Has anyone tried to do anything fancy with claws? Doing some painting/coloration around the handle to make it fit with the wilderkyn that is using it seems like an obvious step, but has anyone done anything different? I'm trying to build some for a snow leopard-kin, and would love any ideas...
  14. Parzivel

    How much red on a red weapon?

    I have been asked to make some claws for a Snow Leopard-kin and she would like the weapons to have white, leopard-skin coloring but I obviously have to make them red, too. How much of the length of a claw needs to be red for it to count as a claw?
  15. Parzivel

    Progression of Power

    Hello, I am fairly new, having now been to two events (although I've goblin stamped enough to be 5th level), and I am trying to figure out if I am just in totally the wrong skill progression. I'm a fighter. I've got decent OOG fighting skill and good equipment. But I feel like I will never...
  16. Parzivel

    Rules Question: Tags and Style Master

    I asked this on the newbie rules forum and they said I needed to check with my local Chapter. If I am starting my first game having already purchased Stylemaster, what tagged weapons can I bring in? One for each weapon skill means a shield, long, short, and small. Or is it just one style's...
  17. Parzivel

    Starting with Style Master

    If a player is going into his/her first game with Style Master, what weapons can he/she bring in as starting equipment? With Flo/Two-Weapon, it is very clear that you get two weapon tags... can the player bring in a Small, a Short, and a Long as well as a Shield if he/she is starting with Style...
  18. Parzivel

    Studded Quilt Armor

    Hello, On reading the rules for armor, the very first idea for cheap, easy 2pt armor to make was quilted armor with studs. Looking through photos of Alliance events though, I just don't see ANY. Is there something fundamentally flawed with the idea? Or do people just invest in better armor...
  19. Parzivel

    Mod Write-ups

    Hello, I was hoping someone out there could help me. I wanted to have a look at how mods are written up, and was trying to find some links or resources. Does anyone have an old mod they can let me look at, or a link to writer's resources or anything? Thank you!