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  1. hjordan2814

    A Request for Compurgators

    To all who hear this, For all you who know me, know I do not typically reach out for help. I strive to not burden others with my personal business. Please understand the graveness that I must do so now. A Dwarfmoot has been called. It is a gathering of all dwarves to present a dispute to the...
  2. hjordan2814

    New Sheriff of Westhaven

    I would like to take this time to formally introduce myself as the new Sheriff of Westhaven, appointed by the power of Ser Foss Siril. I am honored to have been chosen, and I strive to uphold the law fairly, and ensure the safety and protection of this town to the best of my ability. Please do...
  3. hjordan2814

    Monster Info

    Fellow Adventurers, I am seeking any information and knowledge about basilisks: their abilities, behaviors, weaknesses, and so on. If there is any information specific to the basilisks that roam south of Westhaven, I would reward such information. There are other magical beasts that roam...
  4. hjordan2814

    The night of blissful rest

    ((Of course I miss the 'official' one. Ignore this, posting what i said in that one))
  5. hjordan2814

    Materials question from a newbie foamsmith

    After an absurd period of time after my first weekend, I plan to come join this September weekend. I've been making my weapons and for friends who can't make this month but plan to join the October event. For all the weapons I've made so far, I've used an 1/2" PVC pipe with 3/4" insulation...