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  1. DeSylvia

    Question about Goblin Stamps in the leaving chapters

    Hey Staff! As we're mostly all aware, several chapters have left the org. Some of us have Goblin Stamps in those chapters, do we have an idea as to what will happen to said stamps? On a similar tangent, any scrolls/components from those chapters? Don't mean to overwhelm with logistical...
  2. DeSylvia

    Season Pass Stamps Update?

    Hey team, I was hoping I could get an update about the state of affairs in regards to the stamps for the season pass. Thank You! -Matthew
  3. DeSylvia

    Vote for the Bat Totem

    To all adventurers of Wayside and the few of you outside of it that know who you are, we have had a vote of those present at the minor gathering and are looking to be sure everyone's opinion has been taken. The three candidates are Bloody, Buggy, and Fruity. To give an objective overview of said...
  4. DeSylvia

    2020 Rollover Pass Question

    Hey Staff, I wanted to reach out in regards to if we were supposed to receive a confirmation email in regards to our choice for the season pass options? Thank You!
  5. DeSylvia

    Enslavement antidotes for upcoming market

    Could I get a sound off on who has enslavement antidotes for releasing the tribe members under Lennox's control when we fight them later this week? Every one of them we can save is another body fighting for us and one less for her. -Squire DeSylvia
  6. DeSylvia

    Preparations for our next endeavor

    Ladies and gentlemen, with this next market I have a couple notes and advice. Scholars, please memorize some bindomancy and solidifies as we are venturing into a land of spirits. Those who practice celestial magics bring your finest hustling if not running footwear as the beast that was...