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  1. Ardos

    Favored Shield Shape

    Oh I've run the gambit on shield shapes and sizes, and find different shields fit different styles. I mainly fight with a curved round shield made from a steel sled, having your arm inside the center of mass instead of behind it lets you move it more naturally and fits my more active shield...
  2. Ardos

    How to fix Doom Blow, your thoughts?

    There seems to be some VAST differences from the original ideas of monster cards if stuff is not taking a doom but is taking damage, and creating a matching from behind eviscerate is just strictly worse than regular eviscerate, while giving more damage falls back into the damage creep problem...
  3. Ardos

    Thoughts on the Rumors

    Additionally, The "lightning man" is probably someone attuned to the plane of lightning, and not specifically an elemental. They have NOT been free with information since the war began as knowledge given gets balanced by the plane of dust. If you come across someone attuned to lightning and they...
  4. Ardos

    Thoughts on the Rumors

    Blue, I believe those stones are related to the biata from the former Freygurd. I've experienced them being used to use the biata's mental abilities but I'm not sure exactly how. There were reports of small stones found on the kyn the Freygurd were using. Let's talk at this next market as you...
  5. Ardos

    So...I have gas.

    I don't have any gas, but I can also confirm that antidotes are effective at removing the spores from people who are infected.
  6. Ardos

    ARB: Alliance Rulebook Beta Feedback

    only two comments for this thread before this gets out of hand. 1. there is no costume requirement for ANYONE in 2.0. That's a simple statement and it was clearly intentional to remove these to let people make their own style as long as it includes the makeup/prosthetic required. I love all the...
  7. Ardos


    I would propose Saar's hollow. I know that was loosely mentioned, and there should at least be 2 options.
  8. Ardos

    All Michigan Season Pass - XP Available Today - Updated 3/1/19

    South Michigan had another one day over the past weekend, still a good time to get in another couple immediate XP.
  9. Ardos

    Celestial Armor + Armored Shell/Empowered Armor

    exactly, celestial armor isn't attached to the tag in any way, and in my mind its more of a protective bubble around you rather than part of the suit itself, but its the same reason an empowered armor 72 point suit would only get you 134 points of armor, not 144.
  10. Ardos

    Celestial Armor + Armored Shell/Empowered Armor

    armored shell specifies the SKILL wear extra armor, so it has no interaction at all with celestial armor that has no interaction with the skill wear extra armor. And while yes you could technically buy WEA for cheaper than hardy, you are then banking your body on having that item. One...
  11. Ardos

    This rule change is horrible

    I understand being worried to respond, a fair amount of the early 2.0 forum posts got pretty toxic and heated. That said, I just want to point out that I can point to 2 rules changes that were nearly direct implementation of suggestions we made from our playtest. This isn't "players vs owners...
  12. Ardos

    This rule change is horrible

    It was the only holdout of a race with no makeup requirement, there is nothing stopping players from continuing to play the exact same way they were before, role playing exactly as before. Trust me when I say the majority of people in the Selunari change did just that. the 2.0 rules change...
  13. Ardos

    [.11] Mettle and new fighters.

    I'm glad you asked, we had a one day this weekend and I used 3 of my 5 mettles, never more than one at a time (though my health pool is boosted to 56 with armored shell) this is due to healers taking storms to be more efficient thus having "left over" healing to fill up fighters. Combining...
  14. Ardos

    [.11] Mettle and new fighters.

    If you are using multiple mettles in a row at low/mid level you're not using the ability right. The same could be said for using multiple resolutes in a row. Sure a high level can do it but the real advantage is being able to replace status effects with healable damage. I have 5 mettles. I only...
  15. Ardos

    Dryad help

    While I don't play a dryad, the south Michigan chapter has a pretty big dryad population now, I'll link our Facebook photos so you can go looking and see if that helps you get a base.
  16. Ardos

    [.11] Fighter defences.

    True but spell Parry does exactly the same thing in 2.0. the op was saying they can't get by without magic items as a fighter even though the same issue existed in 1.3, now you just don't get things for free, either requiring something to power the defense or getting it from others, which...
  17. Ardos

    [.11] South Michigan - Oct 5-8 - Thoughts and Musings

    Ok it's taking me forever to compile my thoughts, but Seabass really calls out a lot of my high points so I'm going to expand on some of that stuff from a player perspective. First, character build: I've played two variatons on a "tank" style spellsword, the first was a master blacksmith, the...
  18. Ardos

    [.11] Meditate-able signature spells

    I would love to see more data on this, I know that there has been some fantastic new data collected as a side effect of the new preregistration systems, but as users the feedback I appear to hear that's negative about casters right now is a lack of reasons to memorize signature spells to throw...
  19. Ardos

    Vials on Shields

    You want rifle round bandoliers, affix it however works with your shield, but the bubblewand/chemistry vials fit best in rifle round bandoliers as opposed to shotgun shells.
  20. Ardos

    [.11] Oregon Playtest - Sept 21-23 - Thoughts and Musings

    Ill send you mine if you want, it was lots of fun and Im at level 20, that said the master blacksmith could have easily been a few profs.