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  1. tieran

    2.1 Beta Playtest Survey

    The 2.1 Beta Playtest Survey is available here: It is significantly shorter than the Alpha Survey and much more freeform. Please feel free to provide feedback after any and all playtest events you attend! The Beta Survey does provide the opportunity for you...
  2. tieran

    Resolved Clarification: Starting Equipment & Catalyst Rituals

    Hello All! Its been brought to our attention that there is some confusion regarding the availability of catalyst required rituals via a character's Starting Equipment points. The points allotment for Starting Equipment is not able to be spent on ritual effects that require a catalyst, but can...
  3. tieran

    2.1 Las Vegas Feedback

    This post is a text dump from the document at the following link so that it is more easily searchable going forward. The blacksmithing 1 requirement was largely viewed by ARC as an xp tax and...
  4. tieran

    2.1 Alpha Dragon Stamp Survey

    Hello! Below you’ll find a link for a survey looking for opinions, thoughts, feelings, and criticisms on the 2.1 Alpha packet. ARC is actively looking for both general opinions about changes as well as more nuanced and extensive thoughts on the various proposed changes. The survey looks for a...
  5. tieran

    Enhanced Signature Spell

    My general feeling on this is no, but I figured I’d ask to make sure. Can Enhanced Signature Spell be used in conjunction with Combined/Foundation/Magisterium Strike, to allow for a double damage spell/arcane strike?
  6. tieran

    Updated Page Rules

    After our first event with the new page rules and some additional reflection, AGB is making the following adjustments: Alliance Gettysburg welcomes minors aged 14 and up at our game. Before deciding to bring an underage participant to an Alliance game, please keep in mind that while we aim for...
  7. tieran

    Magic Item/Scroll Conversion - GB Update

    Folks, Two important policy updates here: 1. LCO magic items - AGB will be allowing you to transfer 1.3 LCO items from other chapters (including ones no longer running) into 2.0 items. These items will be created as LCO AGB items in the new database and there is a limit of 5000 points per...
  8. tieran

    May event Rewrites

    If you need to respend your build, and are homed in the Gettysburg database, before the May event, please email @Tyson so that he can get that done in time enough for you to do so and get pre-regged. Remember, preregistration saves lives. Probably your own.
  9. tieran

    United Blow & Archery

    United blow specifically states that it needs to be from behind. Does archery circumvent this requirement?
  10. tieran


    Is Vengeance intended to have a 3 year limit on it?
  11. tieran

    Large Quivers & Enhanced Quiver

    Enhanced quiver increases the the amount of arrows/bolts a quiver can carry to 40, 60, 80, or unlimited. Is the intent of this ritual that the first three difficulties are adding 20/40/60 to the quiver’s capacity or multiplying it by 2/3/4 times? Right now, if I have a quiver rep that is 320...
  12. tieran

    Playtests, Pre-reg, and Magic Items! Oh, my!

    Folks! Please realize that ALL existing magic items need to be reworked under the 2.0 rule set in order to be usable at the two Gettysburg playtest events. If you want to use your magic items, you must rebuild them! Oh my gosh! That’s sounds mysterious and hard to do! It’s not! Deep within...
  13. tieran

    CMA Question

    So, I realize that this is potentially an edge case, but I manage characters for myself and a couple different people. I’m unable to figure out how to logout of the CMA. Am I just missing it somewhere that’s blatantly obvious or is that not a thing?
  14. tieran


    The 2.0 update makes the statement that “individual abilities may have additional requirements, while some may have exemptions to the above conditions (for example you can self-cast while under a Sanctuary)“ in regards to the new focus mechanic. The 1.3 rulebook states that a killing blow can...
  15. tieran


    Does having a Witherd defense prevent me from using a spellstrike purify from an item on myself? There is a specific mention of not being able to touch cast on yourself or otherwise target yourself with a packet attack, and it would seem that being offensively withered would prevent you from...
  16. tieran

    2019 Events Announcement

    All 2019 GB events prior to the official release of the new rules, will be held using whatever the most current playtest version of the rules is. Right now, that is 0.11, but that may change. If it does, I’ll throw that up here. If it doesn’t, I won’t! This means a couple things for players...
  17. tieran

    [.11] Life Leech

    Life leech states the following (emphasis mine): With the removal of Terminate and Eviscerate (sort of), is the intention for this ritual to only heal 200 body when used with those skills, or is that just holdover text?
  18. tieran

    [.11] Repel strike

    The above got asked in the questions about the packet three, but I did not see an answer to it. Can this get clarified, please?
  19. tieran

    [.11] Read Magic

    Is the intention that orcs, ogres & wylderkin still pay double for read magic? It is clearly stated for dwarves and Oathsworn, but there does not seem to be the same clarification for the others.
  20. tieran

    [.11] Two Handers & Critical Attack

    So, this came up while discussing the .11 packet: If you are wielding a two handed weapon, and you use 4 critical attacks, does your damage go up by 4 or by 6? The critical attack description doesn’t seem to give a clear answer and I can see the case being made either way. Thoughts?