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  1. Michiko

    November Favorites

    I really have to apologize for the nature of this post. I am so tired I can't sleep and I may actually be high on lack of sleep. -Queen Beah basically going "B***h, please" to the Withering's plans for an undead Utopia. -Arise Lord Vryan! I got all choked up. So happy for you. :) -Talking...
  2. Michiko


    Seeking ritualist to craft spirit link. Will provide components and compensation. Thank you. Sun-Li Yin
  3. Michiko

    The Farm

    Once upon a time there was a boy. Now this boy was the most ragged urchin that ever urchined. Yes, I know urchined isn't an ordinary word, but it is fitting because this was no ordinary boy. He had been on his own since he could remember and had grown to prefer it that way. Give him...
  4. Michiko

    A call for researchers

    If anyone did this write-up, all I have to say is I think the response should be in the form of a song set to the tune of Hey Soul Sister. Because the way they move just isn't fair, you know? :funny: (This post brought to you by Slacker radio and a slow day at work.)
  5. Michiko

    The Island and Fortress of Imirie

    I know Ray was heading this up. Given his move... should we make alternate plans or is this still moving forward?
  6. Michiko

    I don't know if this qualifies as art but...

    It was fun.
  7. Michiko

    In Honor of Delaldur

    To the Good People of Fortannis, I have long desired to see a compilation of songs and stories of the deeds of heroes. In the hope that my friend's passing might serve as a beacon of light to the whole world, I would like to begin with tales of Delaldur. I can be reached by messenger in...
  8. Michiko

    How can we increase fun?

    Being in the holiday spirit, I am desirous of positive vibes. What can we do to make the game more fun? Positive suggestions only, no decreasing of anything, only increasing fun. I will start by suggesting: More silly song parodies. Actually, just more music in general, but silly song...
  9. Michiko

    Brian and Deb's Number

    I need to get in touch with them before this weekend. If anyone has their number, I would greatly appreciate it. :)
  10. Michiko

    I posit...

    That this is the best opening to a TV show, EVER
  11. Michiko

    World Building: A Bard's Life

    So I recently finished reading A Wise Man's Fear, and as in many books of the fantasy genre, the common repertoire of bards (both songs and stories) is a pretty big deal. I've been thinking about this for a while and... well... I think it would be cool. There are stories that get told over and...
  12. Michiko


    Hey, looking for theatrical contact lenses for both prescription and non-prescription needing eyes. So far my research is coming up with a bunch of awesome non-prescription ones and one or two cool prescription ones, but not both. Thanks!
  13. Michiko

    July Favorites

    Thank you so much Plot, Staff, NPCs and PCs for making this such an amazing event. I really feel like Crossroads is raising the bar. Keep up the amazing work! Favorites: -Getting to play Michiko in a mercury golem and run around with Heresy in a mercury golem???? I lived through it and I...
  14. Michiko

    June favorites!

    Thank you so much NH for an awesome event! I had a blast NPCing! I am totally exhausted, but a few favs to get the ball rolling. -Trying to recruit Aisling, philosophical discussions about the existence of magic and losing the argument in the end. Meghan you were awesome. I’m so glad we got...
  15. Michiko

    Music page

    I've created an artist page where you can find at the moment one original song and two traditional. Constructive criticism is welcome, especially if you have experience in this area. Updates are slow at the moment while I finish up the semester but if you are so inclined go and have a look...
  16. Michiko

    Faire Day Favorites

    I can’t believe no one has started this yet. Ssssh… I think they’re all still sleeping! Awesome awesome event. I give it an A+. You guys crammed almost an entire weekend’s worth of plot into a faire day (and faire night?) Beaucoup kudos to the NH Staff and NPCs for pulling off this feat...
  17. Michiko

    Warrior Training

    Um... so.... yeah, I'm going to see if the mists will let me through, and and if they do...! and and if the ritual succeeds...! I'm going to need a lot of training! I can already use a bow and I know that when using a sword the pointy end goes into your opponent but those neat tricks that I see...
  18. Michiko

    A moment of reflection

    On a snowy evening... The snow that groans beneath my feet Glitters between the shadows cast by the dying day. A full moon lights the tops of trees. Claws of bark, Groping at the sky, Barren, but for a raven Enthroned among the branches. A wind from the East brings the promises of Spring...
  19. Michiko


    If you are missing a rule book and/or an alchemy book, they were found in NPC camp at the end of the event and I have them. Let me know if they are yours and we'll get them back to their rightful home.
  20. Michiko


    Hey! Where did you go? I hope you are alright, wherever you are. If you can hear me, please send me a whispering wind or dream at me or something so I know you are ok. When your experiments require life spells at the end of them... well... let's just say that's one theory I'm fine with...