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    2020 Schedule and Season Two Post

    April's event didn't work out, none of our locations were able to host us that month. So we decided to strike it for the season.
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    2020 Schedule and Season Two Post

    The schedule is fully updated for the season.
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    Please see our Quality Control team member about any complaints.
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    No Jack or Felt on my list.
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    News from Llassar Flint

    I am reaching out to all of you to share the developments of this past month. With the raid on the Golden Leaflet that was waiting beyond the Picheston harbor, it has been ascertained that the nation of Krosra has sent the Northern Duchy significant military aid in the past months. Until we...
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    Event Favorites - May Season Opener

    I couldn't believe Kyle cracked the cipher for the Sat morning mod. Once he cracked it and realized it was some non-sense fiction stuff, Ryan and I couldn't help but give up info about the big fight for the weekend. Gryphon Guard commitment to Wayside moment with Keladry and Gemina. Life gets...
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    Subfaction Information

    If you do not see any links in this section, it means you are not a member of a subfaction. Please contact plot if you are looking for more information. If you are a member of a subfaction, and cannot see the link, please contact
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    Our May Season opener is fast approaching, so while its registration may overlap a little with the April event, we are opening it now so that everyone has a chance to pre-reg. Our In-Character plot hook for the weekend will be released after the April One-Day. The event for PCs will cost $60...
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    The 2019 Minnesota Alliance Schedule

    You can send your payments to This information has been added to the pre-reg post.
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    Policy Questions

    Thank you, Alexander. Your thoughtful question has caused us to discuss this, and update our policies. The short is preserve doesn't count. Permanent does count.
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    Moved stuff to Policies

    We got our Policy folder up, so I moved the policies in there.
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    XP and You!

    Blankets and your character Blankets are one of the concepts in the Alliance organization that don’t get a lot of explanation but play an important part in everyone’s characters. We put together this guide to try to help players learn about blankets and how to maximize your character’s...
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    Donation Needs?

    Made a donation post for the month of April.
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    Policy Questions

    Out-of-chapter players will be required to buy a membership to play in our games. Whatever membership they may pay in their home chapters wouldn't cover the costs to host them at MN games.
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    Policy Questions

    Good feedback, Zihr. Page's will be able to respec upon adulthood or testing out. Page's will receive weapon, armor, and production tags like any player.
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    The 2019 Minnesota Alliance Schedule

    Edited the original to include NPC rates
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    The site opens at Noon on Saturday, April 20th, with game on as close to 1PM as possible. Game-off will be approximately 6PM with everyone cleaned up and out by 7PM. Our April game is going to be heavily focused around learning the new 2.0 rules, and as such is going to be very light on plot...
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    Policy Questions

    The nephew may test out at the first game he attends. The nieces may NPC (and will be assigned non-combat roles) or PC as Pages. After a game, the nieces may test out.
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    Race Packets

    Here are the packets for the races of Evodia. Each race has a primary nation, in which that race is the dominant majority. Every packet has a section explaining racial rules, including their make-up and role-play requirements. For the 2019 Season, the majority of the story will take place in...
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    Contact Information

    Please use the following email addresses to contact members of staff: Owner and General Managers Matt Machtan Ryan Schmidt Plot Team Ryan Schmidt - Head of Plot Ryan Codner Payton Anderson Logistics Team Zach Serocki...