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  1. guardiantrinity

    A Request to All Adventurers

    Mutt Yip Welcome Club Weds-Sun Abom Yip Welcome Club Thurs-Sun
  2. guardiantrinity

    August 31st Big Mid 5 Day Event: Foyer Creek Calls

    Who should we reach out to for staying off site benefits?
  3. guardiantrinity

    Names & Faces

    I am: Jenn (she/her) I play: Mutt (Dogkyn), Zima (Snow Leopard Sarr)
  4. guardiantrinity

    Favorites: October 1st Weekend: The Pride of Rathfall

    Oh! And keeping Rusty's Gma/Gpa candy when someone came to collect the brown bag.
  5. guardiantrinity

    Favorites: October 1st Weekend: The Pride of Rathfall

    What a good time! In no particular order-- -"You can't arrest dogs, it simply isn't done." (Which is still working out for me!) Binar- "Funny story about that..." -Meeting Kuyak for the "first" time and immediately getting dirt napped thanks to potion sellers -Outdoor popup setup! -Plot working...
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    Its A Pleasure To Meet You

    So excited, might die ♡
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    2021 Nationals - Story for the Ages Favorites

    What a stellar event! Truly, among the best I have played, period. My top notch favorite part of this event was the lighthearted story arc and the tremendous amount of work put into it leading up to the event was very apparent. The lightheartedness kept things truly fun (as opposed to "end of...
  8. guardiantrinity

    July Opener 2021 Favorites!!

    What a great event! I had so much fun, here are a few of my favorite moments- -Seeing so many familiar faces after so long apart! -Tavern food-- still the best tavern I've enjoyed meals from, hands down -Herding the split town back together -Box Confusing Rocks: AHHHH!! -Sarrkin! -Streets &...
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    Packets for Sale 2020

    Dibs! 100 packets, we'll chat. ♡
  10. guardiantrinity

    November 1-3 Favorites!

    Kyle: ~strums instrument~ Peanut Gallery: Moooore Kyle: ....~plays a little~ Peanute Gallery: MOOOAR. Kyle: ~reaches to move sword~ Peanut Gallery: >:[ Less.... Kyle: ~starts to play~ Peanut Gallery: ~rampant cheering~
  11. guardiantrinity

    November 1-3 Favorites!

    Despite only being there for a few hours, I had a killer time! I keep chuckling to myself over the various highlights so I thought I would share a few of mine (in no particular order). -The food. Holy wow. Always a pleasure to see a kitchen team knock it out of the park wirh SUCH delicious...
  12. guardiantrinity

    November 1st 2019 Menu

    Sorry guys, can't fight Lennox, too busy eating...
  13. guardiantrinity

    Turtle Island

    Is it safe to assume her army is undead? I love smackin some undead... Mutt
  14. guardiantrinity

    Turtle Island

    At the risk of looking completely foolish, what precisely is a Lennox? Lost, Mutt
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    Favorites October 11th-13th

    Thought of more! -Stargazing in the field -Scarlett's "impressive weight" and "batteries" on Yonkie
  16. guardiantrinity

    Favorites October 11th-13th

    What a blast! I had just as much fun pulling an NPC shift as I did PCing (maybe even more cause the action felt nonstop and there was a break from the pressure of being 100% dog 100% of the time). I'm sure I'm forgetting some, but in no real order.... -Salt. All day, all the time, it's my...
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    Goals for the Gathering

    I've got your back for wisps, Blue! Mutt
  18. guardiantrinity

    Dragonfall Favorites

    My favorite thing about this event was the way the community as a whole came together and it felt like so many people took ownership of some part of the whole. I saw passion in every aspect of the game. The food was amazing and cooked & presented beautifully. The story is always multi faceted...
  19. guardiantrinity

    Excellence Thru Chocolate -Dragonfall Adventurer Game

    This sounds super appealing, but I may require a life spell... Mutt