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  1. Valentino

    News from Llassar Flint

    I am reaching out to all of you to share the developments of this past month. With the raid on the Golden Leaflet that was waiting beyond the Picheston harbor, it has been ascertained that the nation of Krosra has sent the Northern Duchy significant military aid in the past months. Until we...
  2. Valentino

    Subfaction Information

    If you do not see any links in this section, it means you are not a member of a subfaction. Please contact plot if you are looking for more information. If you are a member of a subfaction, and cannot see the link, please contact
  3. Valentino


    Our May Season opener is fast approaching, so while its registration may overlap a little with the April event, we are opening it now so that everyone has a chance to pre-reg. Our In-Character plot hook for the weekend will be released after the April One-Day. The event for PCs will cost $60...
  4. Valentino

    Moved stuff to Policies

    We got our Policy folder up, so I moved the policies in there.
  5. Valentino

    XP and You!

    Blankets and your character Blankets are one of the concepts in the Alliance organization that don’t get a lot of explanation but play an important part in everyone’s characters. We put together this guide to try to help players learn about blankets and how to maximize your character’s...
  6. Valentino


    The site opens at Noon on Saturday, April 20th, with game on as close to 1PM as possible. Game-off will be approximately 6PM with everyone cleaned up and out by 7PM. Our April game is going to be heavily focused around learning the new 2.0 rules, and as such is going to be very light on plot...
  7. Valentino

    Race Packets

    Here are the packets for the races of Evodia. Each race has a primary nation, in which that race is the dominant majority. Every packet has a section explaining racial rules, including their make-up and role-play requirements. For the 2019 Season, the majority of the story will take place in...
  8. Valentino

    Contact Information

    Please use the following email addresses to contact members of staff: Owner and General Managers Matt Machtan Ryan Schmidt Plot Team Ryan Schmidt - Head of Plot Ryan Codner Payton Anderson Logistics Team Zach Serocki...
  9. Valentino

    The 2019 Minnesota Alliance Schedule

    All Weekend Events will be $75 or $60 if preregistered, and for NPC's it will be $25 or $15 if preregistered. One Days will be $25 or $20 if preregistered, and for NPC's it will $10 or $5 if preregistered. There will be discounts for folks who preregister; details of which will be in each...
  10. Valentino

    LCO Crafting Policy

    Minnesota Alliance is introducing a standardized system for local chapter only (LCO) crafting that expands upon the existing crafting system of the game. This system is designed to allow characters to create potent new items to make their crafting skills more varied and valuable. These rules do...
  11. Valentino


    The following Local-Chapter Only effects will be used within the Minnesota Alliance chapter. Disarming Traps: Our Marshals do not allow players without Create Trap to give specific advice, IG or OOG, on how to disarm traps while a character with this skill is working on a trap. (i.e., "Remove...
  12. Valentino

    Physical and Romantic Consent

    Several games (Denver, Kansas, Seattle, and Oregon) have adopted a Physical and Romantic Consent policy that we are going to be using portions of. While we are not adopting the entire Physical Roleplay policy, we do want to make some clarifications to the currently existing policy to try to...
  13. Valentino

    Page Policy

    Page (Young Player) Policy Alliance Minnesota welcomes minors aged 14 and up at our game. Children under the age of 14 are not allowed to participate in any fashion, even as Pages. Before deciding to bring an underage participant to an Alliance game, please keep in mind that while we aim for a...
  14. Valentino

    Chapter Policies

    Health Form & Release and Waiver A Health Form and Release and Waiver must be filled out and submitted to the Minnesota Alliance LARP staff by every player before they may participate as either a PC or NPC. Forms will be available to fill out at Logistics at each event. Membership Policies...
  15. Valentino

    Rule Version for 2019

    Everyone, We will be using the latest 2.0 rules for alliance (link below). Players will be permitted to change their race and build choices before next game. This will be permitted after every game until Alliance leadership revokes it. Presently, revocation is planned when 2.0 "goes live". I...
  16. Valentino

    First Contact

    Everyone, I signed owner papers this past weekend which need to be processed with headquarters, which will transfer things over to my control. We’re working on some of the transfer details but I wanted to reach out now and give everyone a status update. That said, there will be game for the...
  17. Valentino


    Blacksmiths, I want to fatten my stores of arrows. So I am looking to buy a lot of arrows, like 500+. Even if you can only make 10 in a market day, I will buy your 10. Let me know if you are interested. Valentino