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    Donation Thread

    Do you all have a VENMO we can send cash donations to?
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    Donation needs.

    That is great thank you, I have sent the receipts to the email address!
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    Donation needs.

    What address should we have things sent to from the amazon list? one of the options is: David Glaeser's Gift Registry Address is this the right one?
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    Resolved Summary of Starting player rules

    Hello All, I have been working towards building a new character and have been applying blankets and event buy-backs so that I can increase my character's level before the first game. The Rules that I have been given for this so far are: 1. Character's Starting production is (Character XP) x...
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    National Event COVID Update!

    Can someone please post the link for pre-registration in this thread to make it easy for new players to find it? also a brief description about what is necessary or not necessary for new players to input would be helpful . Thank you!
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    Nationals 2021 Cash Drive!!

    OK I use PayPal to send my donation. Please let me know if you received it. Thank you!
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    Nationals 2021 Cash Drive!!

    Can you guys also accept Venmo at the same email address?
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    Alliance Denver Photoshoot day

    So, which day is this wonderful opportunity scheduled for?