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    2.0, 2.1, and returning players

    Hey folks! Post COVID returning player here. I went into larp hibernation for a year, starting getting back to games last year at non-Alliance events. My local chapter has starting rolling again this year which is awesome, and I am starting to get back into Alliance. Figuring out 2.0 is...
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    Missing Persons

    [Trading Post Wall] Travellers and visitors to Derrin's Pass, I have an urgent request. Prior to the last gathering, I was travelling to the Pass with a companion. We were separated in the mists, and I fear him captured or lost. We had planned to meet here, including by means of the Earth...
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    August Favorites

    I had an excellent time this past event. The Chithis/Ulak-kashaan mod was phenomenal, and some hard decisions had to be made.
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    lost satchel

    Hey, I found a tan leather satchel in the parking area after the closer event. Let me know if you are missing one.