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  1. Solveig

    House Therion

    Solveig sat in a chair by the hearth of her new home. As the fire crackles beside her she sighs and stares into the flames. She was troubled and while the house was empty she had time for quiet contemplation. Her mind rested on her wedding, it had been joyous, standing there and pledging her...
  2. Solveig

    Wedding time!!!

    Solveig catches herself staring off into the distance in a daze. The last three days had been rather... intense. From the Duke showing up and the conversation that followed, to meeting her future husbands sister and having to put down that wererat, and that was only the first night! They’d lost...
  3. Solveig

    A difficult homecoming

    Solveig lets out an exhausted sigh as she sits down on the steps of her new home. The previous days had been a blur. After two months of tracking the niding Diggs, she’d come up empty handed. It was devastating, Jinn’s words were still fresh on her mind. “We are at war, we are a community. We...