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    We are casting a Cheat Death

    Hello, I will be having a cheat death cast early in the gather and am looking to find 4 people that we can cast this on. What this does is guarantee a person, who has already resurrected twice, the ability to resurrect successfully. You cannot be on your first two deaths or have a regen. If...
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    Kyle i am using my event credit for this event. Also i would like pegasus for myself and any members of my team that show up. Thanks!
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    September Ashbury Pre registration

    I'll be there to NPC.
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    Lost island act 1 preregister!

    I will be there to NPC
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    Hq June event Pre Reg.

    Can you add me to the list? I paid and pre-reg. Also Ricky Hooper is NPCing
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    Finale Favorites

    Campaign favorites There are so many. Watching my scared, akward, young minded character grow was so much fun. Mari. I loved my mom friend. Every interaction between Aaleeha and Mari was just wonderful. I cannot tell you how much she helped Aaleeha get through so many things. Aaleeha is so...
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    Finale Favorites

    Thank you staff! Thank you cast members! Without you guys the story wouldnt have played out at all. We appreciate all the hard work you put into this. So many things happened this weekend. Wow... Friday night sitting around sharing my tea. Aaleeha didn't sell as much as she shared. But...
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    Opener favorites

    Holy cow! Thank you Will! THANK YOU NPCS! Without all of you there would not be a story to tell. I appreciate all that you did over this weekend! No particular order to this. The 3 little girls. You were not close to making Red snap. But you did test some of her limits. Thank you for the...
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    To all who were in Dragonheart, In these times of trials and tragedy we all have worked very hard to over come them. We must continue along this path as we try to find a solution to the problems we currently face. Our Queen and King have both been absorbed into these shadows. We cannot mourn...
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    In need of long and short sword

    Hiyas! I'm looking to either borrow or buy a long sword and short sword rep. I suck at making weapons. I need a set for opener. Please let me know if you can help! Angel
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    Summons from Sir Jonothan

    Sir Jonathan, Since when have we been able to access Dragon Heart? No news of this had been announced to anyone. I feel like this is information we all should have been made aware of. So please. Inform us on HOW we are to get to Dragon Heart since last we knew ther are not road, paths or ways...
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    I had so much dun this weekend. Thank you to the other 5 Cast members and our fence jummper! You guys rocked everything we needed you to do. Being able to come up with random ideas for nightmare/dream mods. I hope everyone had as much fun doing them as I did creating them. Red and Lanaus...
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    What we need for the cure

    Coin is greatly appreciated as my only income is my skills with languages. If you have some to spare I will use it to make what I can for the cure. But as I have no skill with potion making I need help finding remove weakness potions. Aaleeha.
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    What we need for the cure

    Friends, If you can help provide the potions and elixer for the cure it would be a huge help! We really need remove weakness. It's the one thing I cannot make. If you find sleep potions or elixers they would be helpful as well. The last part is antidote exliers. If you find any of these...
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    Cure for the Curse

    This information is for all. We have found a cure for the curse for stages one and two. Stage One Mix the following together well Remove weakness Potion Sleep potion or elixer Antidote elixer Serve immediately to the afflicted person. Stage two Mix the following in a gold cup with a...
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    This weekend was such a rollercoaster for me! Cast members thank you all so much for all of your hard work in this heat. Everyone who switched sides thank you. If it were not for all of you the story wouldnt have happened and it means everything. Friday night i wasnt planning on acctually...
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    Attention Leader of the People! (Npcs)

    Please be aware there currently is no land that is avalible for sale. We are utilizing is for reclimation proposes to restore the lands and feed the citizens. Dame Readella Taurasan Knight of the Order of Foundation
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    2018 Schedule

    Mike is this still current. Please let us know. The steampunk thread says something different. Thanks.
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    Oh! Walking into my room to finally get my drink. We had given our light the the merchant so he could work so it was dark. Little Aaleeha just walks in, cause its her room, and ALL the important people just turn are in there and give her the mean look. "Can you leave?" Lady Liz. "Can I...
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    Hey guys. This weekend was amazing! Let's tell plot how we much we loved the event! First, THANK YOU CAST MEMBERS! YOU ALL WERE ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! No really order to this. All the role play about the Yeti and golden leaves. It amazing how many people were interested in it The golden...