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  1. Josh Voorheez

    Outside Evo's office door

    A flash of light fills the portal room as Jinn emerges from the portal. Striding through the room, nodding to the attendant and flashing his badge, Jinn makes his way out the door and throug the maze of offices and hallways. First he drops off a slip of parchment at the ritual request office...
  2. Josh Voorheez

    Approaching house Therion

    Jinn saunters up the path leading towards House Therion's residence, 2 black swords in his hips, and flower crown still on his horned head. He walks up the steps and knocks on the door, then steps back and waits for someone to answer.
  3. Josh Voorheez

    Jinn's House (you know it was bound to happen)

    After leaving the sanctum, Jinn heads home to see if anyone was home. Walking inside he splashes some water on his face and freshens up a bit. With the house empty, and the urge to wander high, he grabs a fizzy beverage from the pantry and heads out the door in search of his students.
  4. Josh Voorheez

    In the tavern

    Jinn gently opens the large tavern doors, and shuts them just as gently as he walks in, giving them a small pat as they close "Sturdy doors..." He heads to the bar and orders a tankard if mead, and then walks to the notice board to see if anything new was going on. "I really should catalogue...
  5. Josh Voorheez

    Jinn's house

    Jinn slowly makes the walk back to his home in The Lux, leaving Elspeth to bury her father. Slowly climbing the steps of the veranda, he pauses and looks out into the woods. Seeing the small army following his friend, Jinn slowly opens the front door and steps in. He stops, listening to the...
  6. Josh Voorheez

    The house near the forest

    A weary figure is seen emerging from the fae forest surrounding The Lux. As he steps out from the last of the foliage he turns his head to speak to someone unseen within the tree's. "Thank you for hospitality, that was seriously above and beyond. I'll be back for another walk soon, you know I...
  7. Josh Voorheez

    Resolved Protective reflex and spirit recall

    If I use protective reflex, am I able to use spirit recall while still in my own prison? Out Of Game: Spirit Recall is able to be used with an OOG verbal but requires no In Game action or statement to activate (allowing it to be used while Silenced) Is from the last bit of ritual text, and we...
  8. Josh Voorheez

    H.O.W.I.E. is around

    The steel construct slowly marched through one of the now bustling derelict districts, home to all those that have succeeded in the gauntlet. As people approached he would stop and wait for them to ask questions, giving them any answers he could. After their queries were finished he would...
  9. Josh Voorheez

    Havens Laws. Posted within the outer walls

    A construct can be seen walking through the area set up for the caravan posting parchment on any post it can find. The parchment reads as such. Laws of Haven Citizens of Haven and those attempting the Gauntlet must adhere to the laws set forth by the creators and guardians of Haven, The...
  10. Josh Voorheez

    Journal Found

    (This is a copy of the journal that was found near the end if the day, before the troop went to the cave to decide to release or not. It would have made its way around the caravan for all to read) *You have found a very old and weather book. The pages are yellowed from age, eaten by insects...
  11. Josh Voorheez


    If someone has web cast on themselves what is the outcome? The spell doesn't list a time limit, so will it wear off at some point or is the person's stuck there until release or death?
  12. Josh Voorheez

    A figure walks through the forest.

    Flakes of white snow fall slowly to the ground as a figure stepped through the gathering mists into the forest. A deep breath escaped their lips, visible and hanging in the cold air. Shivering slightly, they pulled their hood up and wrapped their scarf around their face, doing their best to keep...
  13. Josh Voorheez

    Wards needing a marshal?

    Does a ward need a Marshal to be present to be cast. The marshal notes in a cabin listing who is in the cabin, are they notes for a Marshal, or notes filled out by a marshal?
  14. Josh Voorheez

    In the courtyard of The Lux

    A thick mist slowly rolls in from the fae forest and surrounds Jinn's small stone house nearby, creeping over the freshly fallen sniw. It grows so thick that soon all that is visible is the chimney and the smoke lazily rising from it. A few minutes pass and the mist is slowly pulled back into...
  15. Josh Voorheez

    A traveler emerges from a portal

    A shimmering purple portal opens and a figure drops from it, landing in a puddle with a splash. "Aww that's great, thanks Elspeth. You really need to work on your aim." He exclaims out loud. He squints to avoid the midday sun and scans his environment. Spotting his target a few miles in the...
  16. Josh Voorheez

    Spell crafting difficultly

    When a ritual has a spell crafting difficulty of 2 does that mean it costs 2 reagents AND 2 points of high magic, or 2 reagents AND 1 point of high magic?
  17. Josh Voorheez

    Visitor from another land

    *If you are familiar with the Sylvanborn Jinn Wildgrove this message will come to you as you sleep, through the dream scape* Hello friends of New Acarthia, I hope this finds you well. I find myself planning in visiting your lands within the month, during your October gather. I'm hoping that...
  18. Josh Voorheez

    A day off

    Jinn strolls into the Ogres Head Tavern and looks around. "Hmm, seems quieter without the rabble here... Kind of nice" he says to himself as he takes a seat. The waitress comes over and he orders two strong drinks. "Seems like I have a few days off before I return... home... ish. Hopefully...
  19. Josh Voorheez

    An unexpected meeting

    The large doors to the Earth Weavers guild house creak open and a tired looking Jinn steps out. Out of breath he mumbles something about a portal needed to be installed sooner rather than later. Unfamiliar with his surroundings, he takes a moment to look around and take in the room, before...
  20. Josh Voorheez

    Waiting for the Archmage

    With a flash of purple light Jinn emerges from the portal. He smiles at the attendant at the desk. "Can you please inform the Archmage that Warmage Jinn is here, and is absolutely not expected." Jinn walks over to the closest bench and takes a seat.