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  1. CRivers

    House of The Clan ofThe Fallen Raven

    Calan shuffled into the house and lazily took off his belt hanging it on his bedpost as was custom. He looked down to where his ritual mark had been. He missed it oddly enough. This surprised him since it was a reminder of his failur, a reminder of his death. he would never know what memories...
  2. CRivers

    On the edge of the forest. Lost hope

    Calan looks about as people move back and forth around him. His conversation with Stig and Evo having been cut off by the previous evenings events. Calan looks at his badge in his hand considering carefully what to do next he needed to talk to Evo. He was filled with anger, frustration and rage.
  3. CRivers

    In the wake of DAM

    Calan was Numb. He was confounded why didn’t he run? Had he been alone it’s likely he would have stayed, but he wasn’t alone. He was with her, and he wouldn’t have ever let her stay in danger. His mind raced back to the night he snuck her through the lux to avoid DAM. Why hadn’t he done that...
  4. CRivers

    Knocking on heavens door re-imagined for larp.

    So, I had always wanted to learn to play guitar, but always made excuses not to. The usual I don’t have time, I’m too old, I’ll never be as good as others I know. But then I I joined this community and I wanted my character to be a bard. It wasn’t good enough for me to say I was a bard I really...
  5. CRivers

    Planning for the future

    A few weeks had passed since the Phal had brought him back through the mists. he recalled how excited he was to see his kinsman, how he had quickly embraced him. It was a short-lived joy however, Calans heart was heavy, he tried to push the dark thoughts out of his mind, but the voices at the...
  6. CRivers

    New Beginnings

    Calan awoke to the sun striking his face through the bedroom window. He looked over to where Jinn should be sleeping while he knew exactly where Jinn had gone it was still a strange feeling to not see him there. part of him really wished that he had gone through that portal with his friend...
  7. CRivers

    Wedding shopping

    Calan does his best to knock the snow off his boots just outside The Ogers head tavern. In his hand was a cage wrapped in the cloak Kato had lent him. Phil hadn’t given him any instructions on caring for split pea in weather like this. Satisfied that he wasn’t going to get any more muck and snow...
  8. CRivers

    Jinns house

    As was typical the lux was noisy as it’s inhabitants either packed up to leave or were just tidying up for the weeks to come. Calan sat on the porch with watching quietly. When things died down he sat back. He felt a mixture of anger, and frustration; but still at the same time he had reasons...
  9. CRivers

    Photos From Big West

    Hey, there were a few times I noticed photos taken at big west I would love to see them. Is there a particular place they would have been posted?
  10. CRivers


    Calan walks into the sanctum looking for Evo. Nobody was in sight so he sat down to wait does anyone who could direct him to the location of the Magi.
  11. CRivers

    The Mist Rolls Back

    The mist rolled back as calan awoke on the ground in the lux. His surroundings felt vaguely familiar. On one hand he felt safe and at home but on the other he felt great sadness he couldn’t understand why. There was the faintest flicker of something he wanted to do but he couldn’t bring the...
  12. CRivers

    Seeking Evo, and Jinn

    Calan cautiously enters the tavern; while the layout was no trouble to get around it anymore, he couldn't help but feel uneasy as he entered. Usually, the bar was a relatively harmless place to spend his time but as of last night there where paranoid pirates who he was told started attacking...
  13. CRivers

    Stumbling, in the dark.

    Calan stumbles into the tavern, the world seemed so much bigger now, not to mention colder than he could ever remember. as he passed through the doorway he stamped his feet a few more times than he normally would with the hopes of getting all the snow off of his boots. slowly he shuffled his...
  14. CRivers

    The Adventures Of Calan And Hollows : A Cry In The Distance

    My buddy and I wanted to have some fun with our characters between events, the following was the result. let me know what you guys think.
  15. CRivers

    The long road

    Calan pulled his cloak tight around himself, the night had grown cold, it seemed he couldn't get close enough to the small fire. Although calling this small flame a fire was more than generous in fact it was little more than embers so as not to attract any unwanted attention. Normally on nights...