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    IMO - OMG that was Awesome!

    Is it just me, or was that a great event? Mike, Amber and Elliot - you guys did a terrific job all weekend. We are really gonna miss you in monster camp next season, but looking forward to you being on the other side. :) Josh and Chris - I feel like we are like a three legged stool, you...
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    Race Change Needed

    I am in need of the race change ritual. I am looking for anyone who can help in any aspect of this. If there is someone who has the means to do this, I also have a very able bodied group if you need a task done for payment. Any help in finding the means to do this would be great. I will be...
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    WE ARE SOO THERE! John, Allison, Nancy and I will be traveling out to your June event. Tom will be sending sheets and I'll be sure to pre-reg this time! :) We might have a few more, but at the moment, 4 us for sure right now... WOOT! So Excited! Amy
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    June One Day?!

    We've had a few ask about adding a June event, and we are thinking of a happy comprimise of a one day instead. This depends on how many people would be coming out though. Please respond below or send me a PM and tell me if you would be attending if it were scheduled for: June 14 (Saturday...
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    A New Addition

    Josh Mclain will be joining our plot team. I am very happy to welcome Josh, as he has abundant experience and will be an asset to our team.
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    The Team

    Hello Hello!!! Dust the cobwebs off your armor, refresh your thrusting tips and find your eartips! Lets do's been too long. The plot team has assembled... Mitch Trowbridge, Nancy Watson and myself. Oh, and some special cameo appearances that I can't mention....because it would just...