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    R is for Recovery Recap (Event #4) (September 23rd to 25th)

    This is a Placeholder till the write up is complete.
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    Feast of the Fallen Recap (Faire Day) (October 22nd)

    Rook and Branwen invited all the adventurers in Port Morgan to celebrate a new festival call Feast of the Fallen. The day was set aside to celebrate and remember all those that have fallen over the past year during the ongoing war with the Kingdom and the creature known as Legion. This day was...
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    2022-2023 Winter IBGA's

    Hello Adventurers, This is your Winter IBGA’s post. Please follow the information below. If you have played this year, each player may take three actions over the course of the winter. If you're new to the game, you're probably wondering what that means. Going to a location to research...
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    R is for Recovery (September 23-25)

    R is for Recovery With the difference in the flow of time between Port Morgan and Barran, four months have passed since the last Gather in Knoch'Len. Citizens from the baronies of Mercer, where Knoch'Len resides, and Valgard, a recent ally, have retreated to the safety of Port Morgan to...
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    Decorum and Dictum of Port Morgan

    Posted on a bulletin board in the Crow's Nest tavern and placed on tables throughout the establishment are parchment notices. There are multiple copies around, some of which have been picked up by otherworldly patrons in the tavern. [ALT TEXT: A pale piece of parchment is emblazoned with...
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    Path of the Anan'ta

    Greetings, adventurers! Plot is trying to make sure our notes are fully up to date regarding the Paths of the Anan'ta. If you have tags for your marks and gifts of the Anan'ta, please send plot a picture of your tag at your earliest convenience. We want to make sure our notes accurately...
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    Journal of Alabaster Nethembal, Cartographer

    ALT TEXT: [The text of the journal of Alabaster Nethembal, Cartographer, is written in a black, looping script on soft off-white parchment. The text is mainly composed on two pages, with a depiction of the statue of Branwen and Rook on a third page with the caption "The statues of Branwen and...
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    W is for War Debrief (July 22-24)

    W is for War On the gathering of 22 Mareshyir, 1120, at the Dead Walk Inn and Tavern in the town of Knoch'Len, adventurers came together to receive information that would help them in recovering the remaining elemental nodes. The bugbear tribe known as the Bone Biters disseminated information...
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    S is for Strike

    The adventurers have made it to the Realm known as Port Morgan that was set up by 2 Raven Fae known simply as Rook, and Branwen. Because of the strength of the adventurers, many of the farmers, and civilians now have a safe place to reside. Rook and Branwen are working with the Adventurers to...
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    Information regarding Guilds.

    Hey Everybody, Head of Plot here. I know that there has been talks of people wanting to start Guilds within Barran. Plot would like to let the players know that the old Greater Guilds of Barran will not be coming back into game anytime soon. We are keeping the information on the Alliance Forum...
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    H is for Hope Weekend Recap

    H is for Hope On the gathering of 17 Penhayir, 1120 at the Dead Walk Inn and Tavern, Elder Sonya Albright gathered members of the adventuring community to give them information regarding the contents of the scroll case recovered from Celestian's Sanctum. Inside were two scrolls regarding the...
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    Spring 2022 Recap

    A is for Academia As the ground thaws and Spring is upon us, Elder Sonya brought together volunteers to head into one of Celestian's libraries on the trail of a journal that could have information on how to fight back the Ritual Hounds of the Kingdom of Islan Tel'Nava. With the help of...
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    AGB 2018 October Closer: Unscaled Event

    Hey everyone! The upcoming 2018 AGB closer this weekend, Oct5-7, is an unscaled event.
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    AGB 2018 Events

    When The Feathers Begin To Fall (Season Opener) April 6-8 Olivet Boys and Girls Club 117 Mountain Ave, Hamburg, PA 19526-8221, United States The Land Will Open September 7-9 Olivet Boys and Girls Club 117 Mountain Ave, Hamburg, PA 19526-8221, United States And the Scales Will Rise Again (Final...
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    OOG Hearth and Home: Dinner and Dessert Tourney Events!!

    If you intend on competing in the Dinner and Dessert Tourney Events, please post on this thread with what you think you might bring. This will give us an idea of what all is coming our way :) >>>Please make sure to bring a recipe card that lists all the ingredients in your dish<<< We have some...
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    <<Greater Guild Ball and Tourney Information tacked up in Guilds across Barran>>

    Greater Guild Ball and Tourney Information It is with great pleasure that we announce the following ... The Tourney: -Shall be broken up into three overall experienced segments of adventurers (New Bloods, Veterans, and Ancients). -This is an individually won tournament. May the best all...
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    Fall 2017 IBGAs

    Character IBGAs are due by midnight, September 30th, 2017. :)
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    <<Notice of a Call to Assistance, posted in Guild Halls across Barran>>

    To All Guild Members and Associates: Assistance Urgently Needed The Greater Guildhalls of Barran are in need of assistance to continue and succeed in the ongoing mission of moving and neutralizing the giant Magical Anomaly. If you are willing and able, present yourself at an established...
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    August 2017 Event Favorites

    Tell to me the new skirmish stories and enjoyments!! 25 Goblins get killed and their best points handed to you as thanks for giving us more on the Barran Tapestry of Fate ;)
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    Aug 2017 Opening Ceremonies

    Hey Guys! Opening Ceremonies will be at 10pm Please be in the main dining/tavern area for important announcements (put your makeups down, leave the weapons on the bed, etc) Looking forward to seeing you all there