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  1. Graham Wolsey

    Looking for Crafting Marshals

    Hi Denver! We are looking for a few detail-oriented players willing to give some of their time to enhancing our chapter's crafting experience at games. If you are interested in helping the game by taking care of some paperwork and assisting players learn a new system please contact plot. We...
  2. Graham Wolsey

    LCO Crafting Rules: Denver

    New LCO Crafting Rules: Denver Alliance Denver is excited to announce a new local chapter only (LCO) system that expands the crafting system for our game. This system allows characters to create powerful and plentiful new items as long as the character has the prerequisite skills, materials...
  3. Graham Wolsey

    Wylderkin Meeting Friday at Midnight @ Wishing Well. April 418

    Hi friends! My name is Georgie and I'm from the Howling Woods! I'd like to organize all the Wylderkin coming to New Acarthia this weekend for a big meeting! A place where hunter and gatherer, violent and peaceful, solo and pack-oriented can co-exist in peace and discuss matter of importance...
  4. Graham Wolsey

    Squiring Ceremony for Aurora Summers (Rory) 10:00AM Saturday @ Tavern

    Greetings Acarthians! I want to cordially invite you to the Squiring of Rory on Saturday at 10:00AM in Deepjug's Tavern. The ceremony will likely take place on the back porch weather permitting so as to not disrupt patrons inside. I am very excited about the outstanding qualities Rory has...
  5. Graham Wolsey

    Rivervale, Rivervale, Rivervale I speak your name and you should Appear.

    OOG: This is a message written by an NPC in consideration of the upcoming module day in March 2018. Greetings members of the Court of Rivervale, I have a proposition for you. One of your number is cursed, but you will need him very badly this weekend. If you pay me enough I will uncurse him...
  6. Graham Wolsey

    [.10] Design Philosophy for Class Function and Balance

    I strongly believe the central problem for this rules rewrite is a lack of unified vision concerning what Alliance is and how the classes should be balanced. Balance doesn't mean which class would win in a 1v1 fight, but it certainly must mean that each class excels in a different area of...
  7. Graham Wolsey

    Looking for adventurers with a keen mind for history and/or inquisitive spirit.

    Greetings Acarthia! I'm looking for a few newer adventurers* that either want to break into the realm of politics** in Acarthia or just like information and history, to help with a special project at the next gather in November of 417. No combat experience is required, just a keen mind and the...
  8. Graham Wolsey

    [Balance] What is the best class in the current [1.3] Rules?

    I wonder if people's thoughts and opinions on class balance in 1.3 are tainting the way 2.0 rules are being implemented and created. To that end I'm very curious what people believe about class balance in the current version of the rules we are playing with in Alliance. **EDIT** BECAUSE IT...
  9. Graham Wolsey

    Why do Fighters and Rogues scale down but Scholars do not?

    The title says it all. What is the design intention to cap the amount of build spent productively on Fighter and Rogue skills but not Scholars?
  10. Graham Wolsey

    Experiences of a Fighter in 2.0

    After having devoted significant time play testing the new proposed rules I wanted to write about my experiences, not about a specific rule, but about my experience holistically with the rule set. Specifically, I wanted to talk about being a Fighter. To be clear, I don't mean a Templar or a...
  11. Graham Wolsey

    [0.9] Disease: Too Strong?

    Currently as it is written, the Disease effect has very strong effects against low level players. It almost garuntees a resurrection when cast if the target is knocked into bleedout. I personally love that Necromancy is getting a big power boost, but I don't like how this effects new players...
  12. Graham Wolsey

    Alternate Campaign Data Collection

    Hi Denver players and NPCs! I'm posting a survey to collect some data for the alt campaign some of us are doing. If you have some time we would greatly appreciate it if you filled it out. We are at the point in the planning process where we need to make some decisions about the type of game...