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    Town Supplies

    With the recent intruder entering our storehouse, I have been going over our stock of materials, and checked to see exactly what we have to work with. If there is anyone who has supplies tucked away that could get them to us, It would be greatly appreciated. We have just over a hundred citizens...
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    A Message From Foreman Oliver

    Posted inside the Tavern: Hey everyone, with the drastic change of plans on things since the travel from Bastion went wrong, new plans need to be made. Currently we have been able to make a number of buildings to help the town, and I know some people have plans for the future already in mind...
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    Large Water Containers Needed.

    Due to it being a different site then Normal, we will not have any large Water containers (like those used in sporting events). If anyone is able to bring any please reach out to me so we can plan!
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    Food for Halloween weekend!

    Sorry for the wait! Breakfast 9 am to 11am - Egg and Sausage Casserole - Vegetarian - Vegetable Egg and cheese strata - Croissants Lunch - 12 noon to 4:30 pm - Pulled Pork Sandwiches - Beef Hotdogs - Vegetarian - Portobello Sandwiches Dinner 6 pm - Asian inspired Rice and Pork dinner -...
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    October First Weekend Menu!

    Sorry about the wait, but I hope everyone is looking forward to this coming weekend as much as we are. Breakfast: 9am - 11am Hash: Potatoes, Eggs, Onions, Peppers, Bacon, and Pulled Pork (No meat Hash on request) Oatmeal Lunch: 12 noon - 4:30 pm Burgers - made to order Chips - Oven cooked...
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    With are Kingdom beening so young, it has been brought to my attention that many people do not understand what a Knights duties are and a nobles duties are. I have instructed that Jehan Wildweaver to meet up at breakfast on the morning of Saturday this coming Marketday and explain the meanings...
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    I just broke free of my bindings earlier this day, I saw some are going to gather near this area in southern Briarpass soon, I need help to keep free of my former masters and please if anyone can help to free the others. I cant believe my luck that the slavery here isnt ok anymore. Logan Trill
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    Stolen Phone

    Hey everyone, I recently had my phone stolen (last night) and the person who had it decided to send out a ton of nasty text messages to people on my contact list. Sorry if you got one of these messages. That phone has been blocked and I still have the same number but no contact info or number...
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    Dad wont let me out...

    So it looks like my old man wont let me come out and play any more, *sigh*, keep an eye out for my kids coming around and starting their own 12 marks, perhaps one of them will earn the right to be called ambassitor to the Adventures. We shall see. Guess I finally became to valuable to him to...
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    My BARN!!!

    What in the world have been happening in my barn, my horses wont stop making a racket, and I go over there and inside I see these large shapes in there but they are just standing about until I came almost into the barn. Gosh, I never ran so fast before as they all started to move at me at once...
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    Mockery of a Noble?

    "It should also be noted that all persons are required to bow before those Nobles higher in rank than one self, the refusal to do so can be interpreted by the courts as Mockery." So wait a sec, I have to bow now? No offense made but thats a load of crap. Bart Pround Mistic Wood Elf
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    Shields sizes

    Hey josh, can you repost those? new boards and we dont even have your mad skillz up here.
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    Forging ahead

    Well, as I have done my best to build what everyone asked for me on short notice, it is alot easier when I know ahead of time what everyone needs or is looking for. As I hear it many of you are looking for all sort and sizes of armor, I wll keep that in mind when I do my work, is there anything...