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  1. B.Barber

    Bidding now open for final page in Men's calendar for next year!

    *Female voice rings out- its recognizably Vira...* Thats right! I have one final page available, one opportunity for another individual to be the glory of Fortannis's finest guy offerings for an entire year! With notebook pages!...yanno... if you write... I needed filler ok? This is an auction...
  2. B.Barber

    Goodeveniiiiiing ENNERET and MAELSTROM!

    *sounds like Vira* *Is probably Vira* "This is your freindly foreign smut peddler here putting-in formal request to those that placed orders with me to send me their visual-refference materials as soon as possible! Privately! Thankyuuuuuu"
  3. B.Barber

    Very realistic animal/kin masks

    Hola! bunch of my stuff turned up at national this weekend and I couldnt be more thrilled. Im not open for new projects at this time, but heres more of my stuff for future refference if you are thinking about getting one during a future opening: 3 LARP masks are flexible and non-latex...
  4. B.Barber

    Fierce lion sarr realness : 3 ...

    I just finished this mask for a local player, its for his alt but I wish he'd go ...MANE ...with it.. Aahhh..haa..yes, I slay me. Anyhoo, wanted to share, Im just so thrilled with how he wears this : 3
  5. B.Barber


    ***Vira's voice chimes in the dreamscape.*** Good... Risen... Fking... Deadguys... Im hearing this going around and Im getting fking irriated. Someone is lieing to people or dont know what they are talking about. I listened to a couple different stories then I went to find out for myself...
  6. B.Barber

    Simple larp-safe hand-held Fire. Tutorial.

    FULL TUTORIAL NOW HERE: So this is a flashlight with one of those plastic crystals I make affixed to the light-emitting part and then 3 layers, yellow coarse tulle, orange fine tulle and some kinda... sheer but stiff dressy...
  7. B.Barber

    Convention: Rocky Mountain Fur Con?

    Hola- we doing this con this year? Whats going on with that? Interested in helping but I need to know ahead of time : )
  8. B.Barber

    Looking for a mask? Opening for new stuff next month...

    Hey- I make a bunch of the masks you see running around our local game. If you are interested in one, here is my info. I take on stuff in batches so if you want something done before the end of this larp season (and the end of this year) this is the time to order. Check it out : )...
  9. B.Barber

    Character Background Ties Thread

    Im starting this because I feel like there's going to be a need for it- and I figured its worth a shot. I am usually not much for manufactured relationships but this kind of game seems to favor it because it only plays once a month and new players could have a tough time doing it strictly in the...
  10. B.Barber

    Easiest Tunic EVER

    Great on a budget, great for short-notice, great if you cant sew, great for kids...really this way of going about it produces pretty darn good results for what it is. The original idea is actually from a Link Cosplay video I found and I basically just used it as a springboard. Its on a female...
  11. B.Barber

    Acarthia Vogue- An Unofficial Guide to Costuming for Alliance Denver LARP

    It was suggested that I stick this up here- just something handy to ready.
  12. B.Barber

    Scrolls for Sale

    (As the dream-messege filters in, Its simply an even-toned female voice) Goodevening Enerret residents, My name is Vira, I am from the realm called Acarthia and I am seeking trade opportunities in your realm as I heard there might be an interest. I am offering scrolls for coin, many varieties...
  13. B.Barber

    How to die less: a Fun guide and coloring book.

    Blah blah blah blah blah blah Look. This is simple. Stop the solo'ing, stop the dieing- ok? Healing magics and potions dont last forever and not everyone is interested in saving your ***. Figure out who your freinds are, eh maybe groups of 5-7 or so with good fighters and enough potions or...
  14. B.Barber

    Passable OOG map of our gamesite- For new players!

    I figured this might be helpful, it isnt amazingly accurate, and it is downright lazy at times, but thats part of the fun ne? BUt in the meantime, for those of you showing up on site for the first time, this may be handy : ) Please do not print and re-distribute. -B TPO Vira
  15. B.Barber

    Masks Sold

    Masks sold
  16. B.Barber

    Happy Holidays from New Acarthia all a wylderkin driven chariot of fire magic and shirtless guys, and to all a good fight....
  17. B.Barber

    Point Caps and Visitors: Idea

    I know there are rules in the book or with the ARC or some such thing that say sheets within the database cannot be changed to have less stuff when visiting, and so keeps people who want to visit games out of games with pointcaps if they are above that cap. Is there any reason they cant just...
  18. B.Barber


    (Masks have sold)
  19. B.Barber

    If you are tired of bodypainting (Inspired by 'What do you sleep in?')

    Also this came up in conversation with someone today... I was really thrilled to see that some people are interested in airbrushing bodysuits for their characters. Its great for those characters that have a habbit of being naked for whatever reason but also for people who play characters with a...
  20. B.Barber

    D. Smith Passed away this week****-smith-make-up-exorcist-godfather-rick-baker/13402557/ Why does this matter? This guy was the grandfather (godfather! heh) of special effects makeup as we know it today. Much of what we take for granted in movie makeup effects (and so...