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  1. Air Raksa

    Putting my affair' in good order

    I won't sugar-coat it. I'm dying. My people don't live more than twenty year', except in some very rare occasion' of complete cowardice. I won't have it said that I went out like that. Every magic old and new has been offered to me. Sastrawan I was born and Sastrawan I will die. I reject the...
  2. Air Raksa


    I don't care that we know how to permanently destroy you now... I have no interest in that. I am just going to hurt and humiliate you, like I alway' do. I am going to come and take that little scrap of dignity you have left. You better hope that they find you; before I do. -Santet
  3. Air Raksa

    Result' of the Tournament'

    The Shi-Shigai-Ken Dojo was proud to host an impromptu tournament this past gather. On this occasion the prize' were sponsored by the good grace and honor of the Shebanu-Nightmare Hunter'. We thank you for your past and continuing support. The first competition was a Survival-style...
  4. Air Raksa

    Damage Aura Ritual

    I am in the market for a Damage Aura Ritual Scroll. You could be paid coin, magic item' which function only in Barran or I might know a few Dragon' that owe me favor'. Let me know privately if you are interested in making a trade. -Santet
  5. Air Raksa

    For Sale or Trade

    Please contact me privately if you are interested: Regeneration Ritual Scroll with Warmth of Fortannis Catalyst (to be sold as a pair) Preserve Duration Ritual Scroll Spell Store Ritual Scroll Spirit Link Ritual Scroll Circle Lock Ritual Scroll Vision Ritual Scroll Last Breath of an Innocent...
  6. Air Raksa

    Alda Child of Autumn

    Thing' got a little crazy and I lost track of you. I have something for you. Just what you deserve. I'll make sure it get' to you. We all owe you a debt. I will see it paid. -Santet
  7. Air Raksa

    A Song for Crowe

    We have lit the torches. We have drunk the wine. We have sung the songs for our brave brother. We mourn the loss of Paladin Sir Victarion Crowe. Another Prince of Fortannis lost to us. When last he and I parted ways, I said "Die well Sir" and he answered with a smile "All of my deaths have...
  8. Air Raksa

    September Favorites

    Great Event, amazing fights, thank you NPCs. Hats off to the Deadlands staff and plot, you continue to impress, I can't wait until November. Some Favorites Everything Evan. Dude seriously everything. Casanorca, Pure Lord Carver, stray comments in NPC Camp, very clean fighting. Meeting the new...
  9. Air Raksa

    Hadley Moonstream

    You seem to be confused. Why not turn yourself over, so we can help you, like you have been helping us? It must be terrible running all the time. Living in fear is not healthy, you don't look well. -Sir Ignatious Skippio Vex
  10. Air Raksa

    Paladin Jacob Norhelm

    Sir Our difference' aside, you fought valiantly. I wish you good fortune and health. -Santet
  11. Air Raksa

    Legal Question'

    I have question'. Using death spell' and killing blow' against citizen' is illegal? Does this mean that I can raise charge' against people who have done this to me while I was Vampire Charmed, Transformed into Undead, Berserk, Paranoid, and otherwise completely under the control of a wandering...
  12. Air Raksa

    Alchemists of Fairedale

    I am looking to purchase Euphoria Antidotes. I have coin and other items for trade. Please see me in Fairedale. "Rock of Trellheim" -Sir Ignatious Skippio Vex
  13. Air Raksa


    I offer you a power without limit'. It is a simple thing, but if you want it, it is your'. This is no threat, You know that you are quite safe with me. Have you felt it? The time for patience is almost at an end. -Air Raksa Menggosok Tarang
  14. Air Raksa

    A correction to the Ashbury Times

    Dear Eric Wolcott Although Man-at-Arms Tinder Boulderback is a fine soldier and an exemplar of the Code of Chivalry, he was not taken as a Squire this past gathering. That honor belongs to Man-at-Arms Obadiyah Pyrite. I expect that Tinder will deserve that honor soon enough if ever he has time...
  15. Air Raksa

    To those interested in joining me

    Hail Adventurers, Heroes and Good People of Trellheim By the Order of His Grace Duke Sir Frost Vardik I shall be travelling west into the Contested Lands. To those people who wish to join me, I shall be making ready for the journey at the Legion D Ducal Army Barracks in the estate of Dara’s...
  16. Air Raksa

    High Mage Kainen of House Sunderdragon

    You have my gratitude for coming to the defense of Trellheim and enduring Icenia's time of Candledark. You set an example for how a citizen race ritually Spirit-Stored into a Major Construct is supposed to behave inside of civilized lands. House Sunderdragon and the Royal Arcanum should be proud...
  17. Air Raksa

    HQ 608 Tournament Favorites

    Thank You NPCs and HQ Staff! Cortni is my Alliance-Hero for being an awesome EMT. I thought I really messed myself up, but she helped me out when I needed it. Thank You. :D Woah… where to start… Ragnars Spirit Fare-well: What Else was left for Rock to return to Icenia for? Not your...
  18. Air Raksa

    Single, Yellow, Male seek' Single, Yellow, Female

    Looking for long term relationship. Interest' include raising a family, saving our race from extinction, fishing for zombie', romantic walk' by the lake, storming the castle' of Lich' and obeying the law' of the Bastion. Necromancer', Undead and High Orc' need not apply. If interested; please...
  19. Air Raksa

    Ator Thunder-Bringer

    Chieftain Long year' have passed since we fought the Jotun' in the street' of Ashbury City. I hope that time has not made you forget me or the blood I have spilled for your kin. I would share drink' with you and your comrade', if we should be fortunate enough to meet in the land' of...