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  1. Thorcanine

    A Traveler Returns

    A wagon pulled by a Massive horse pulls up to the front of the Duchess' Estate. Out jumps a hooded Sarr looking a little disheveled and ruffed up. "I'll be right back Bersi" He says with a gruff voice as he pats the horse before walking into the building. waving at the guards as he passes them...
  2. Thorcanine

    Coming for a visit

    After checking on a couple things Ash approaches the front gate of The Duchess Victoria's home. Approaching one of the front guards. "Greetings, I was asked to come here to have a talk. If you could lead me to where I need to go that would be greatly appreciated." He says smiling.
  3. Thorcanine

    A "Lord" calls

    A thin, well-dressed man enters the Tavern and looks around hurriedly. Thankfully, he spots who he came for and makes his way over to the pink-clad clanswoman. Bowing curtly to Becky he speaks with an accented tongue: “Greetings Becky. Lord Feystand is looking for a word with you about some...
  4. Thorcanine

    Just Lion about

    Aezir walked around town for awhile eventually finding Ogre's Head. Heading into the Tavern Aezir finds a empty table to sit at. He ordered a big piece of meat, and a tankard of Mead. While eating he looks around the room seeing all sorts of people. 'I wonder if there are any of the...
  5. Thorcanine

    New Lion In Town

    Aezir walked into Calenhelm and tried to get his bearings. Having heard that if he wanted to continue his Earth Magic training in the area he had to sign on with the Earth Weavers. Aezir figured the first stop he must make was the Earth Weavers Enclave. He strolled into the front hall, up to the...