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  1. Deborah

    Celestial Guild Meeting

    All Guild Members and those interested in becoming members: At this gather when you arrive into town please come to the Tavern to let myself ...Guild Mistress Deborah or Assistant Guild Master Duorn know you are here.....We will be holding a Guild meeting on Saturday at 1 bell.......this...
  2. Deborah

    October Favorites

    I cannot say enough about the people who write these stories. You guys are amazing and your imaginations are incredible. always amaze me, more and more with every event. Vampire charmed in the tavern with Deborah. Akanis, Deb and I in the tavern after the entire town just left. In...
  3. Deborah

    Faire day/Feast

    Hi everyone, During the nest faire day Aug.4th we will be have a feast type meal....all though this is a faire day with mods and all we will be having a meal where those who bring a pot luck dish to share will not pay for their meal..(5 silver) and those who do not will pay that amount. Ivar...
  4. Deborah

    changes going on in the Hollow

    So you won't all be surprised there are some changes going on in the Hollow , out of game. So that it won't be to much of a surprise when you come up for June's game the big gray building next to the Healers Guild is no more. Due to a great amount of repairs we were going to have to do to the...
  5. Deborah

    found in npc camp

    just a note to let everyone know that there was a phone found in NPC camp after everyone left. so if your phone is missing let me know and we will have it for you when we next see you.
  6. Deborah

    Ritual Scrolls

    If you have Ritual Scrolls that you would like to sell or trade for please come into the tavern in the Hollow.....speak with me. Spirit Link, Sacrifice, Vision, Whispering Wind, Copy Formal Scroll are among the ones I am looking for. Other items : Components Potions...
  7. Deborah

    Squire Kainen

    Squire Kainen, would you please contact me by using my messenger. I have need to speak with you. It is of great importance. Deborah Guild Mistress Celestial Guild
  8. Deborah

    August event feast

    It is time again for our annual feast Please let us know what you will be bringing Cover dish with a medieval theme needs to be prepared ahead of time due to lack of kitchen space recipe card must be with your dish listing ingredients ( this is because of so many allergies to different types of...
  9. Deborah

    merchant tents for August event

    We are going to be having a Merchants Row during the August Event ...If you are interested in having a merchant tent please sign up here and let us know 1 what you will be selling 2 will it be for in game money or out of game money ( out of game money pay for out of game and role play in game...
  10. Deborah

    With Sadness in my heart

    "To all those who have fought beside us in the past a message being sent throughout the land" It is with great sadness in my heart that this message carries sad news of the death of Marcus of Freeport. Marcus died fighting for what he belived in. Honorable, strong, a man of great courage, may...
  11. Deborah

    Celestial Casters Join the Mage's Guild

    on a piece of parchment on the tavern wall hone your skills-train in magic-share knowledge-defend the Hollow Celestial Guild Members and Potential Applicants, The Mage's Guild is a group of Celestial casters dedicated to the continued advancement of the study of magic. The guild is also to...
  12. Deborah

    Seeking Nicodemus'

    (posted on the tavern wall) Nicodemus, Need to talk with you. If I am not in the tavern check in the brewery. Deborah (OOG: