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  1. Lord Jonothan

    Letter of Resignation as HoP

    I am officially stepping down as HoP please follow link to my letter of resignation.
  2. Lord Jonothan

    At The End Of The Day

    For those of you who left before the Coronation sequence. If you so wish to place in your characters stories. As you go through the mists you will be able to bear witness to the events but not (for future plot purposes) consider your character interacting in that scene. Please enjoy. Stay safe...
  3. Lord Jonothan

    At The End Of The Day

    AT THE END OF THE DAY (OOG: By William Mullally) It would forever be known as the Year of the Dark Star but that doesn’t mean stars of our own didn’t rise in those days. After the Bartender had returned the heroes to the lands of Icenia or wherever else they chose to go, Queen...
  4. Lord Jonothan

    The Battle of Elindel

    The Battle of Elindel As transcribed by Aleph Whiterose (OOG James Pocklington) I do not know why I was chosen to write this tale, but I have been told that this may be the last message to leave Tar Navaria, the last chance for the greater world beyond the mists to know what happened in the...
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    remember to pre reg as NPC
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    Looks through list, adds more live, checks price of large bottle of Aleve
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    The Geist Awakens!

    You are where you are. You are researching the threat that is Nictus, you are researching the threat that is the Drafe, You are walking between the realms that are Nightmares and Dreams, you are rebuilding what was once once glorious and could be once again in Ashbury. You are calling your...
  8. Lord Jonothan

    September Ashbury Pre registration

    Have I mentioned you guys are amazing
  9. Lord Jonothan

    Cryers Corner: August event Proclamations and News from around the land

    OOG: pay attention to this thread as random proclamations will be made such as this tidbit: Hear Ye, Hear Ye: It is with great joy that the current leadership is able to announce the freedom of the Lands of Corrheim from the overgrowth that has plagued all the lands. All Hail those who call...
  10. Lord Jonothan

    June Fave's

    Favs from the HoP - JP to me playing Sir Jonothan: When they rift in fall backwards from a psychic Psychic blast. Me: Cool got it Rift in 1, rift in 2 rift in Argh! Throws self backwards...oog ow (no seriously, despite the fact I pulled a muscle it's a favorite - listening to the stories of...
  11. Lord Jonothan

    June Fave's

    It's time for the Tenderizer!
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    Due to resources being desperately needed in other areas, the Duchy has sent out criers to disseminate information instead of newsletters. Hear Ye, Hear Ye! The Citadel of Cil Cilurian has fallen to the forces of Nictus. During a massive attack which happened in multiple locations, it...
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    Ok now it's time to catch up fast, already acknowledged receiving IBGAs, if I didnt acknowledge yours hit me me up here or on FB messenger and I'll present another option. FYI I'll be checking the form submissions but I kind of feel it dry and detracts from creativity personally. You can just...
  14. Lord Jonothan

    Finale Favorites

    Oh the discussion between non cannibal Mannius and Mardex. I'll let all your followers go free, but you will take all of the punishment when our country is free, yeah but. Your people go free, and you accept whatever punishment I feel fit to give you. More posturing more talking. Mannius agrees...
  15. Lord Jonothan

    Hq June event Pre Reg.

    That's right! I'll take you all on!
  16. Lord Jonothan

    Finale Favorites

    Well all I can say is that wherever Mardex goes, Roark, at least in stories and memories, is coming with.
  17. Lord Jonothan

    Finale Favorites

    Campaign top 10 10) Se1 Ep1: I had already come back to NPC Ashbury after a 7 year hiatus which was partly medical related. It's either night time on Saturday or breakfast Sunday morning. I'm part of the Guild of Wine & Rose's and been following them in a support role but really hadn't...
  18. Lord Jonothan

    Finale Favorites

    Game: 10) Walking into game as Mardex and seeing the immediate salutes from those who knew and his confusion on the delight on the faces of those who found out I was appointed a Magnate over the Winter. 9) Roark, while at breakfast, suddenly making the epiphany face and glancing back and forth...
  19. Lord Jonothan

    Opener favorites

    Favorite moments from HoP side: I was a bit hesitant to write my parts of this weekend the way I did, because it was directly involving my old characters history. I didnt want it come off self serving and egotistical but at the same time, pieces fell into place, and it was familiar ground to...
  20. Lord Jonothan

    April Event Weekend

    So seeing as the event is over Easter weekend, major plot will be concluded around Midnight on Saturday to allow those who observe to leave early if they wish. To those that observe, have a Happy Easter! William Mullally HoP