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    Somi rides for coming weekend.

    Toats do it!!!
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    Stuff from the big ol box.

    Jehyu, are you coming to this gathering?
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    Wards, Spellcrafting, Wards, Battlemagic Scrolls

    Foss, are you talking about the Scroll or the spell? Ive got an Earth Circle in an item and will be using that to Spellcraft into the Limited. If you have a scroll of Limited Circle of Power, I would much rather use your scroll than Jehan's scroll. If you didnt already know, Jehan is the...
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    For Those With Formal Magics...

    If Jehan gets me a Limited Circle Scroll, TadRon will be Spellcrafting a Circle by the bunk where TadRon will be sleeping. There is a possibility of other Earth rituals being cast. If we cast them, I will discuss this with you before hand. Durk
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    The New Merchant's Guild of Fairfax

    Cancel my order then. Nyio has her covered. Sorry for the confusion, Aramis. Durk
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    The New Merchant's Guild of Fairfax

    Sounds great. I dont carry silver on me so, I will give you 4 gold. If you can have it ready for Friday, that would be perfect. Its for Pebbles as she needs to protect herself from other Werecreatures. Durk
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    The New Merchant's Guild of Fairfax

    Do you have any silver long clubs? How much would that cost? Durk
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    Are we having a meeting?

    I would like to help in any way but I might be late arriving. If I miss this meeting, that is OK, just make sure you assign the correct activities for someone who cant read but uses a polearm. I will let you know when I think I will be arriving, Foss. Durk
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    Plagued Animals

    I got potions for you. Durk
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    Wards, Spellcrafting, Wards, Battlemagic Scrolls

    I still can't read, if that means anything to you. Also, I wont have my activates to heal you this gathering, Link Durk
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    Wards, Spellcrafting, Wards, Battlemagic Scrolls

    Where ever I end up, Im going to need a Limited Circle of Power scroll to Spellcraft off of. Liddia or Jehan, do either of you got me covered? Durk
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    Wanna take a ride on the Sea Witch......

    Thanks, Captain. Talk to you in a few weeks. Durk
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    Wanna take a ride on the Sea Witch......

    Anyone know where I could find a ship named the Sea Witch? Im lookin for a ride to a remote island and I heard that the Sea Witch is one of the best ships out there.... I will be around in May if anyone wants to talk then. Durk
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    Addressing the Five Champions

    Im with the Lady FallingStar. If any of you need some help, I will be there in May. Durk
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    Get together for Healers!

    I like baked goods. See you in May. Durk
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    Sword Auction

    I think you all are out of you minds. Do any of you remember Widowmaker? Did any of you know that Widowmaker was "semi-sentient"? Well, it was. And it did a pretty good job of influencing a lot of my decisions. Decisions that I probably would not have made otherwise. Good luck with that...
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    Disturbing Dreams

    I havent had bad dreams but one of my pack has. Protecting the gate has been boring. Durk
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    Pre-Reg for April 17th-19th event Up to date 4/16/ 15

    Alison and I will be there! Super excited!!! Alison, most likely, will be playing Ara. I will be playing Durk. We should get our Pre-reg's in this weekend! See you all soon!!! GJ
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    Zane, you are not diving into my head. For the past few days, I have been having nightmares. Two nights ago, someone spoke to me while I slept. It is that person, who ever they are, that my original posting was intended for. Seems to me like that person is unwilling to respond to this. No...