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  1. Solrex

    Hibernation Midnight Snack for Solrex

    Solrex would be hibernating at this time, this post has been edited to errata out anything that would say otherwise. Solrex is still asleep.
  2. Solrex

    Seraphina Searching for a Gauntlet Group

    (OoC: I want to be in one of the afternoon groups) Seraphina would look around the Caravan, looking for people to go team up with for the gauntlet. She wanted to do it later rather than sooner, and absolutely under no circumstances would she agree to accept Bambo into her group. That was just...
  3. Solrex

    Seraphina’s Research: A NOTICE ABOUT GOBLINS

    After researching goblins after dying to them, and going over what happened to herself, Seraphina had come to some research. Pulling up a few pieces of parchment, she wrote down a rough draft then copied out into a few copies to hand out, whether putting them up in various places or handing...
  4. Solrex

    Approaching Slumber

    Solrex, being in the Lux, felt the wind breeze across his skin and vegetation, or what remained, as his "hair" plant had just broken off, and he had plans to work parts of it back into him, either with grafting, seeding, or something else. Regardless, he continued forward, wandering. He...