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    Show off your costumes

    That was good enough to get non-Alliance people drooling over when your commission window opens again next year.
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    Slays and Assassinates

    This. It rapidly becomes more effective to "defense or die" targets instead of beating them down, especially as actual damage becomes less and less of a "KO" as stat inflation occurs. The same thing applies to PC's, of course, especially since damage frequently means "gets up again one CLW...
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    LARP and a Limited Schedule- Any interest?

    Or, you know- you could simply BE old and play it through. LAIRE's got one PC who's been a fighter for over 20 real-life years now, and I've watched him go from young man to greybeard in the process. Jokes about someday swinging a cane around instead of a sword, but where's the grief in in-game...
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    Foot wear

    Yes. You get what you pay for, in my opinion.
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    LARP and a Limited Schedule- Any interest?

    In a sense, it feels like "full circle". From one-day events we came, to one-day events we can return. I wouldn't mind seeing "2-day" events instead of "3-day" ones, either- start event Saturday morning, sleep over Sat night, end Sunday afternoon.
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    A Good Death

    The best deaths are unplanned for. I managed to make one into a two-year RL mystery and a second one into a rampage of destruction that made the NPCs tell stories about it years after I croaked (possession, necromantic reanimation, and all). If you're planning your character's death, you're not...
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    Magic Item Free Campaigns

    Or you effectively make the node have the "flaws" of "any Earth Caster is automatically invested in circle, circle is always "down"." Voila, any healer can avail themselves of the ability to resurrect people on the grounds in question. After all, in a land where there is no Investiture ritual...
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    Magic Item Free Campaigns

    Personally, I'd simply bar the character. If you can make events with a build cap, you should fairly be able to consider any game area like this as simply "bouncing" people with incompatible rituals back to their origin point if they tried to get there. Complaining about that to me would be...
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    What's wrong with "I call forth a flame bolt.20 magic flame"

    Re: What's wrong with "I call forth a flame bolt.20 magic fl This. It's how we do it at LAIRE, and it's a helluva lot less confusing to targets. Incant, throw, call effect (damage or otherwise).
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    Magic Inert Race

    We should call them "humans". I'd think it'd be great, actually. Suddenly, the non-human population would -explode-.
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    Magic To Hit- Do we need it?

    Do you need Magic To-Hit? No, but at that point you better remove all immunities completely, or else someone will simply complain about not having a (insert damage type here) weapon or spell when that monster rolls around with any immunity whatsoever. Personally, I like seeing it paired with...
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    My LOVE/HATE Relationship with Shields and learning to fight

    Re: My LOVE/HATE Relationship with Shields and learning to f There are games out there that ban UL's completely. I've always been of the opinion that if you need a UL to fight with, you shouldn't even be exposing your arm/wrist to regular weapon strikes to begin with due to it's fragility. On...
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    Hey, Alliance: are you a roleplayer or a fighter?

    Roleplay. If it was about the combat, I'd be in Amtgard. Also, if you're not RPing in combat, you're Doing It Wrong.
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    My LOVE/HATE Relationship with Shields and learning to fight

    Re: My LOVE/HATE Relationship with Shields and learning to f Folks are going to go with what works- and teaching them other stuff? Great, but don't choke off their access to shields or learning how to use them. They're not crutches, any more than thinking that because longswords exist, we...
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    The people vs. arcane armor

    The drawback here is it's more, bigger numbers. We're already at the point of numberspam the likes of which such a system should never have to deal with. Also, DR is nice but nobody should ever be invincible. Armor should never reduce damage below "target takes 1 damage", and be the last thing...
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    Alliance LARP Wins 2013 Philly Comicon Best in Show

    Kudos! Alliance has just become a cross-geekerational phenomenon. :)
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    Charging for rulebooks

    Yep. I mean, a lot of the local games have dead-tree format rulebooks. They're handy. But they don't charge to download the PDF version. That just feels counterproductive, because that's how most of them introduce new players to their game. I mean, is it really a significant revenue stream for...
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    The people vs. arcane armor

    That armor, by it's very nature cannot restrict your chest, it goes around your belly. I'd agree with you that the armor system should center around costume armor vs. "real armor", it's not like we're giving people kudos for strapping on a real sword and whacking people with it. Why is that...
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    The people vs. arcane armor

    Not at all, especially in a system that has elves wandering around in soft leather and dryads in wood plates for armor. This is a LARP. Armor is a costuming choice, not something to shield you from a guy whacking you with rattan or a rebated steel sword. About 30 Euros, which translates to...
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    The people vs. arcane armor

    Talking about wearing a full chestplate, right? What you'd probably want is a plackard like this one: Then a gorget that extended down a bit, spaulders, etc. etc. and something more flexible to shield your chest-chest with, like light mail or just a padded gambeson. That plackard's about $40...