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    Andrew's Planned Return

    Hello once again from the mists. It is I, Andrew the Bard, whom you may remember from long ago, when the lands of Acarthia were first recovering from the War of a Thousand Skirmishes. As a bard, I have traveled throughout the mists in search of stories of adventure. And in all these stories...
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    "Clarify" rules: what can bystanders do?

    I am unsure if this is a National rule (is it?) but several chapters I have been in have had a "Clarify" rule where a group of people can be in a "mini-hold" while clarifying an effect that occurred between them, while the rest of the battle still rages on around them. Most of these questions...
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    Machine gunning rules: tracked separately per-weapon?

    The rule for machine gunning state that you must hit a new location or wait 2 seconds before hitting the same location again. For a two hand fighter, is this tracked separately per-weapon, or taking all your swings as a whole? To be more specific, let's say I am wielding a left hand weapon and...
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    Scholar vs. Archer Damage Comparison

    Thank you for your comments. (Note: Previous version had math error where I didn't take into account miss chance for scrolls. This has been corrected; doesn't significantly change the plots. Also, changed arrows used per battle from 70 to 60 due to feedback that the previous number was too high)...
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    Scholar vs. Archer Damage Comparison

    Considering the current discussion around damage scaling, here is a chart I made to compare the damage output of caster and archer classes (these I thought were the most comparable because they both throw packets). This chart allows you to change assumptions and see how that affects the results...
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    Why not add more denominations of currency?

    In discussions on the forums I keep hearing about how the OOG cost of coin physreps can be a significant barrier to plot teams in terms of what treasure they can put out. It seems to me like a simple way to mitigate this problem is to add additional denominations of currency. For instance, if...
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    Real-World Complexity and Plot

    To me, this would completely defeat the purpose of the research quest. The reason I would be interested in a research based mod is because I would be interested in actually figuring out a solution to a puzzle. To just roll a die or use a skill and say "Okay, you do the research and find X" would...
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    Brainstorming: Low Plot Effort Quests

    Since plot resources are a major limiting factor regarding how much plot can be run, a way to increase the amount of plot run and thus provide more opportunities for players to participate in plot is to come up with mods and scenarios that are interesting but can still be run with minimal effort...
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    [0.9] Paragon Paths

    Thanks for the clarifications. The clarification about qualifiers was very helpful; unfortunately, for some of them, it seems like it makes the powers even more broken than I had thought. It sounds like I was right that an “Elemental” qualifier means that hitting the enemy's shield or weapon...
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    Real-World Complexity and Plot

    I understand that Plot has a limited amount of time available to set up and run plots. That is why I am asking the question, “How can we incorporate these types of activities into the game without taking up too much of Plot's time?” Effectively, since the limiting factor in how much plot we can...
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    [.9] Flurry 3

    The way I would interpret it is that if you are pursuing someone and hit them three times, then you can keep running after them, you just have to wait 2-3 seconds (or whatever the pause duration ends up being) before you can hit them again. You are right though that the flurry rule does make...
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    [0.9] Paragon Paths

    Overview The Paragon Paths as they stand now appear to not be even close to ready for prime time. There are several serious balance issues with almost all of them. I will talk about some of the general issues and then go into specifics on each one. Major Issues Undercosting: For most...
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    Real-World Complexity and Plot

    Overview Many players play characters who perform activities such as international negotiation, supply-chain management, scientific research, or running a barony, yet these types of activities are rarely actually played out on stage, and are usually relegated to IBGAs where you often skip...
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    Looking for ride from airport

    I am looking for a ride from sea-tac airport. My flight will arrive around 2:00 pm.
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    Maelstrom Scouting ( Calling Clerk Liren and Any Trackers)

    We are planning on scouting out the area surrounding the new city shortly. I think a googd group for scouting would include me, Clerk Liren, and one tracker. It is my understanding that Liren has the ability to teleport him (or her)self and two of us with his spear. That way we can rub out...
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    Question: Downtimes in Enerret and Maelstrom

    I have some questions about how downtimes work for characters who are playing in both the Enerret and Maelstrom campaigns. - Can you do a downtime relating to Maelstrom plot in the downtime before an Enerret event, or vice versa? Or can you only do Maelstrom downtimes before a Maelstrom event...
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    Maelstrom: The Resurrection Situation

    Thank you for the information. I wasn't previously aware that time since death was a factor in how likely the resurrection is to be successful. I also was under the impression that a spirit could sense if there are hostiles around the circle so it would know not to resurrect there; perhaps I was...
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    The Dream Realm

    That is good to know. I was not aware that it was possible to directly attack the dream realm. I am interested in learning more about the threat and what I can do to help stop it.
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    A Message From The Clerks

    With the new effort focused on sharing information, here is a song to inspire you: ==== In the years that we've all spent exploring these great lands, We've learned many lessons that give us a helping hand. We've learned to work together and for to our lands protect, But there's one more thing...
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    [Safe] [Sign-Up] Maelstrom War Effort List

    I would like to be added to the following items: 19. The Empress 20. Dame Marize [ I have previously talked with these people before upon arriving in the Maelstrom and so I am interested in continuing these relationships. ] 21. Mistwalkers [ I am originally from Acarthia and I plan to visit...