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    August Favorites

    - NPC camp for really fun combats and engaging RP. Especially the pacing of the Sat night puzzle/battle team combo mod. Thanks, NPC camp! - Bat things that spoke in human voices like someone with a really troubling childhood or who had played a little too much Binding of Isaac. Thanks for the...
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    Message to my LARP family

    Hi all! Many of you know this, but here is some important info about me to either educate you or as a refresher. I am a nonbinary trans woman. My pronouns are she/her. The same goes for my characters. I know some of you have an easier time with these concepts than others, especially since a lot...
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    unwarded cabin at Gamehaven

    If anyone else is interested in bunking in an unwarded cabin in May, that'd be awesome. I'd prefer to not make my Celestial-allergic butt overnight in a tent. If there were three other folx who wanted to do so, I'd be willing to drop in half the $60 cabin reservation cost if the rest of y'all...
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    October Favorites from the Banquet Event

    Good times were had! After jumping blindly into the insanity of castle event, it felt great to settle into my character's skin and get to know so many of you, both IG and OOG. I wasn't able to get contact info from some of you before bailing back to the cities, but drop me a line on here (or FB...
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    New player questions

    Hi all, I'm completely new to LARPing but interested in it for a while, and figured I'd check out Alliance. I've gone through all the "read this first" materials and forum posts, but was wondering if there are any practices, social hang-outs, etc. in between the events. Hoping to make it to the...