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    Resist Element

    Doe this protect against anythign with the Elemental qualifier as stated on Pg 97 Or only against those effects listed under Resist Element on page 65? Is the statement "this includes..." above in addition to anything with the elemental qualifier or exclusive? Secondary question Enflame...
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    Blade spells

    What is the target of the blade spell the person or thier weapon? If person do all weapons they use get to use the carrier? If weapon can the weapon be passed off and still swing the carrier? Is the 10 minute duration from casting or does the recipient activate it at any point after the...
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    Healers resolve

    Should this be counted as part of the healing group or is it intended to be able to heal undead/golems or People with no/reverse metabolism? Thematically it seems like it would be in the healing group but it isn't listed therein.
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    Blacksmithing Rules Suggestion

    So we all know blacksmithing is near and dear to this dwarfs heart, unfortunately its a bit of a red headed stepchild of the production skills. Issues with blacksmithing: 1)Unsustainable- Blacksmithing products are largly non consumable; armor is breached/destroyed and weapons shattered...
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    Costs for Strenghthening/silvering

    Does the extra cost for strengthen/silver replace the production cost or is it in addition. eg. I strengthen a longsword thats 50 production costing 50 copper is that replaced by the 5 gold cost of strenthening for a 5 gold total cost or is it additive for a 5 gold 5 silver total cost?