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  1. Tenerian

    Splashing Cross-class

    I would legitimately call my card a celestial scout at this point as I have profs, backstabs, enough celestial to use all battle magic scrolls, and it's a lot of fun. As for the caps that have been mentioned in this thread, I can't stress enough that we can't fully measure the benefits of the...
  2. Tenerian

    Fair day march 14 2020

    What is combat? Is it cool? I think it'd like to try it. In fact, I'll take one combat, please.
  3. Tenerian

    August 9-11 "A Light in the Distance" Favorite Moments

    Separated by shifts for perspective and in no particular order: NPCing: Not dying in the T-Rex costume. Every time I did the roar I was just moving the damned head from my field of vision and every time the dinosaur was looking hurt was me catching my breath. I saw a video of it and damn did it...
  4. Tenerian

    May 31- June 2 "Welcome Mistwalkers"

    It took a measurable effort to not laugh at that berserk landing and I credit my not laughing to the look of pure joy and murderous Glee on Gary's face as it all went down.
  5. Tenerian

    May 2-5 opener favorites

    Hey everyone! I hope everyone enjoyed the opener as much as I did. If you did, I'm sure the staff would love to hear about it as well. Your favorites tell them the story they already know but with the twist of your perspective and experiences. Share you favorites, relive your fears and...
  6. Tenerian

    October 5 - October 7 Players List for Play Test Event

    If you wish to survive, please leave offerings to the wind in the form of Rolos, Milk Duds, and Baby Ruth. Sincerely, your favorite wind powered murder machine.
  7. Tenerian

    August 31st - September 2nd Check-In and Players List

    Baring complications, I will lurk in the woods and steal your snacks.
  8. Tenerian

    October 2016 Closer Favourites!

    I just realized I forgot the best one: During the madness RP, Tobias called Tenerian a life elemental and Tenerian totally eviscerated Tobias for it.
  9. Tenerian

    October 2016 Closer Favourites!

    In no particular order. All things "Cookies." Seriously, Tony you reminded me of why I love this game and why I wish I could travel to more games, more often. Watching the stars collide and trying to not get in their paths. The madness RP to include, but not limited to: Being slowly frozen...
  10. Tenerian

    October 21-23 Pre-Registration

    This is one of the best excuses for not making an event I've ever seen. Congrats, bro!
  11. Tenerian

    September Event Favorites

    Well Hell, I'll kick it off. In no particular order, just like the timeline of the event itself! The opening encounter Wow! Chithis greeting the adventurers at the end of time was like watching the Child Empress extending the single grain of sand to Bastion in The Neverending Story. The effect...
  12. Tenerian

    September 9-11 Pre-Registration List

    Moar NPCs makes more better... it is known.
  13. Tenerian

    August Event Favourites

    Oh man, where to begin. RP, RP, RP, so much RP. Resurrection story: Seriously, Samara, that was amazing. Trap mod security team! Doing a perimeter sweep of the building and finding nothing, watching Aisling toss disarmed traps out the door as if throwing boots out of a closet only to realize...
  14. Tenerian

    August 19-21 Event Pre-Registration List

    Yes, yes! More bodies for the grinder! Bring me a 1:1 ratio!
  15. Tenerian

    July 22-24 Pre-Registration List

    How many spirits do I sense in the circle? All of them.
  16. Tenerian

    October favorites

    Wow, where to begin. I cannot thank NPC camp enough for making this event arguably the best event I've had in the 10 years I've been playing. The same goes for all the PCs this weekend because the RP was just an undulating wave of emotional highs and lows. Death! Death!! Deaaaaath!! So much...
  17. Tenerian

    October 9-11 Long Weekend Event and Season Closer Pre-Registration List

    Log for the Log God!! Cash for the Cash God!! ... Or something like that.
  18. Tenerian

    August 14-16 Event Pre-Registration

    I've signed up to burn villages and steal from charities. Err, wait, no, to stop that from happening? Both? Wait and see!
  19. Tenerian

    June 19-21 Pre-Registration

    Just submitted pre-reg and teh monies to PC and I'll be grabbing Vox so there are more NPCs to beat up.