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  1. wowy319

    October Favorites (A Time of Trials)

    Oh man. Oh man, I loved this event, and leaving early was the saddest. Kinda for the best though, because a stuffy, sickly velociraptor is not enjoyable company. - Sean as a Megatherium. The best sloth face. - Raptor tactics! Ambush in the woods, then herding the PCs into a group and getting at...
  2. wowy319

    SM Metalurgy

    The bats are en route with alchemical payloads. Stay where you are to minimize collateral. Or don't, not like it's any skin off their noses.
  3. wowy319

    Character Classpects

    Hello friends! So, we have closing events and winter events coming up soon, which are really exciting. Another thing that's (allegedly) exciting is making fun games to explore parts of our characters we might not normally get into. My favorite way to do that is to imagine how they would be in...
  4. wowy319

    September Event Favourites (No Rest)

    Oh man, lots of good ones this event. First of all, thank you to staff, NPCs, and players for helping me jump right back into things. It feels great to be back, and it feels even better knowing I can and will be back more now that things are less all busy all the time. - Friday night crying...
  5. wowy319

    I'm doing things again!

    I'm doing things again!
  6. wowy319

    Question about humans

    You should totally hang out with Sadeen Moor. They're awesome.
  7. wowy319

    Oh my god this is the best. I didn't even know this was a thing.

    Oh my god this is the best. I didn't even know this was a thing.
  8. wowy319

    Wait there are status messages what even is this

    Wait there are status messages what even is this
  9. wowy319

    Alliance Deadlands T-SHIRTS?!?

    I'd absolutely buy one!
  10. wowy319


    You'd have to take your shirt off at least three times an event to be a proper Kirk, though. Let's make this happen.
  11. wowy319


    I can bring my liar's dice set to game if folks want to use it.
  12. wowy319

    November Favorites

    So glad I got to come to this event. I had a lot of fun, and it was one of the best closers I've been to in ages. A big thanks to staff and other NPCs! - Getting to play some very beefy statcards during wave battles and mods! - Watching Astikir shenanigans as one of Cerulean's honor guards...
  13. wowy319

    October Favorites

    Oh man, oh man. This weekend was pretty fantastic, and I'm so glad to have seen everyone! Thank you NPCs and staff! - Walking into the tavern just as staff had announced to everyone that they felt a sense of impending doom. Worst. Timing. Ever. - As everyone grimly marches to the murdered...
  14. wowy319

    November Pre-Reg List

    sent my NPC form. Will be there, stitches and all.
  15. wowy319

    October Pre-Registration List

    Pre-regged and paid. Weekend requested off at work. All is well, and all manner of all thing shall be well.
  16. wowy319

    A Visit to the Hollow

    It'll be great to see you again! We'll have to do some catching up. ~Caillen
  17. wowy319

    Ritualists, engineers, and ship-builders.

    I can help you out with this if you need someone who uses and works with ships in addition to people who build them. If you could let me know more about what this is for, I'd appreciate it a lot. Thank you, Captain Caillen Taggert, HMS Salvation
  18. wowy319

    July NPCs

    I think it's the risk of swift and brutal retaliation that prevents this from happening.
  19. wowy319

    Board/Tabletop Game Thread

    I'm fond of Lacuna Part 1 - The Creation of the Mystery and the Girl from Blue City for tabletops. It's a fantastic game, full of intrigue and hidden information. It's a good time! I also love playing Warmachine.
  20. wowy319

    June Event Favourites!

    Oh man, I don't even know where to begin with this. First of all, thank you NPCs! Thank you staff! You all rock! - Finding out the answers to The Withering's riddles, and the horrible, horrible realization of what these answers mean. - The sass and snark in the tavern at stupid o'clock when...