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    Confused returning player.

    I've noticed that some High magic allows the use of Rituals, the same with Formal magic. Are they different types of rituals or does the high magic the applies to rituals only apply to the rituals obtained through Formal magic?
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    Confused returning player.

    Thank you. So much has changed.
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    Confused returning player.

    Wait am I reading this right? With the 2.1 rules Biata are now allowed to use Celestial Magic?
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    Confused returning player.

    Thanks. Between this and the answers Albert was able to give me on facebook that cleared up a lot of my confusion.
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    Confused returning player.

    Thank you. I was looking through the new rules to see some things have have changed. I found some other questions. I don't see any way for Biata/Stone Elves to get their mental abilities? Are they removed or how does that work now?
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    Confused returning player.

    I've been away from Alliance for a while (Back when Barbarian and Templar were a thing) and was thinking of coming back giving it all a shot again and I'm a bit confused at some things. 1.) The dates of the events. On the website they mention 2 and 3 day events but on the forums they are...
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    August Event Favorites!

    Sooo many in and out of game moments I just loved.. so here is a couple as I probably will forget all of them at this moment. Blood Moon, you guys rock I can't get enough hanging out with you guys ^_^ Lizard Cave Mod..... A good difficulty mod but the most dangerous part was making us...
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    August Event Favorites!

    Haven't seen it made yet so... What were your favorites?! Post them here and share with the masses!!!!
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    June Favorites

    I have to say I don't think I've had this much fun at an event since I started playing. Rolling with Blood Moon was a blast, being in the tavern at the same time as these people is always the right choice. The back path is such a great addition. Belnar finally went into the Catacombs, and...
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    Hi Kupspar!

    What Ona say is true, well I think she say she get tattoos from Beshe, which confuse me as much as Teo. Ra'Sha she did introduce, I not remember name ... something small I thinks. She be Human, about Belnar height, swirly tattoos like little wind breezes on sides of face and above breasts on...
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    I agree completely with the Author of this thread. As a newer player I sometimes feel that it is harder to get as involved with a plot line as I might like to be, or there are plot lines that have been going on for a while that still aren't resolved so the introduction on new lines become...
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    Gathering needed supplies

    I do much travel in dis next moon, while I away getting answer for how to stop the big dark void guy thing I also go around and get da supply needed to fix dis withering problem. One thing I ask doe is could you tell Belnar what tings he need to get you as I only know I need Oil of Slipperiness...
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    Closer Favorites

    Epic end to an Epic season... let's see... what did Vontri enjoy the most... Getting the cure to the Alchemist's Mother, I know I didn't solve the cure myself but being there for that was an important moment for my character. Saturday Morning Ball of Doom. Not only was it a great way for 2...
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    Looking for a Carpool

    I live up in Massachusetts and it would be a 10 hour drive for me to make it to the national event. I REALLY want to go, but I will not be able to make the trip alone and am wondering if anyone would be willing to carpool our way to Nationals. I live about 1/2 hour (ish) out of Albany NY to...
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    BMT Gaje Hold'em

    This should be entertaining if not anything else, Count me in as well.
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    Buying Bolts!

    Your recent thoughts were recieved, I have also been asked to make some other things so I might not be able to make all that you requested but at that rate I will make as many as I can with my left over efforts. (It seems I can't project my thoughts here just yet. hmmm )
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    So...How was the opener?!?!?!

    Battles were intense, the main storyline battles were something you could really get behind, and the battle with the Giant Ball Barring had to of been one of the most amazing battles I've ever been in. (Shield Bash for the MFing Win!) There was always something to do too. (Having plenty of...
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    Buying Bolts!

    If you need bolts I can make plenty and as many as you would likely need. Just give me a number and I will have them for you at that price which you stated. -Vontri