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  1. Azath

    Wine labels

    @luminemma did some for her high orc that were pretty fantastic
  2. Azath

    Shattering Armor during refit

    Refitting is not a process where if you go 75% of the way, you have 75% of the armor value, or if you're at half armor then you only have a base refit of 30 seconds; it's all or nothing. There's nothing inherent about shatter that affects that count. It just reduces your current armor to 0 and...
  3. Azath

    December 2019 A'A Event Favorite Moments

    This event was beyond phenomenal. I'm definitely missing things on this list, because it was almost non-stop moving or thinking, and so many damn things were going on all around. "Why are you shaking? What's that on your hand?!!" That chat with Baqi on Friday night. A 5 am conversation that...
  4. Azath

    Book 1: Life Book 2: Flame And now the Book of Death is opened....

    Book 1: Life Book 2: Flame And now the Book of Death is opened....
  5. Azath

    November Game Scroll Auction

    At what point is a winning bid forfeit due to non-payment? How will the alternate be notified and how long do they have to pay for it?
  6. Azath

    Dragon Mage

    RAW a player character can never truthfully call themself a dragon mage, as the instant you actually have that ability, your character becomes an NPC. You could perhaps call yourself capable of dragon magic, but you're still missing some catalyst to actually cast dragon magic.
  7. Azath

    Behold the SHAVED BEAR

    Somebody warn Roscoe, I think there's some sort of new plague that's causing the beards of Sylvanborn to fall out.....
  8. Azath

    True Empowerment Local Chapter Policy

    1) Do true empowerment flaws count against the Oregon LCO Item Limit Policy in any way? 2) If the ritual batch that was true empowered expires/is punched out, but the true empowerment flaw has logistics periods remaining, does the true empowerment flaw immediately expire, or does it continue to...
  9. Azath

    November Game Scroll Auction

    I'd suggest that people bidding on the auction should have their character identified in either their username, signature, or in their text response. It may help to reduce confusion about what which bids were valid.
  10. Azath

    Nationals 2020 Cash Donation Drive!!

    Do you get goblin stamps from only one of the participating chapters, or all?
  11. Azath

    Resolved Silvering/strengthening costs

    Hello there, I've previously asked a question about whether silvering existing items costs X silver and X copper, or just X silver. I've had responses from marshals in Oregon and Seattle (including this thread) saying it's silver and copper. More recently I've had conversations with...
  12. Azath

    Healing/Chaos 45 potions and Evocation Bolt 45 Scrolls

    The current beta rulebook states that you can make healing/chaos potions at 5 production points per level and battle magic evocation bolt scrolls at 5 production points per level. I cannot find any current reference stating that you cannot do this with 9th level signature spells. A number of...
  13. Azath

    Magic Armor and Item Cosmetic Transformation

    The Item Cosmetic Transformation Ritual allows "alterations which may [...] include such things as scribing new spells or writing in an otherwise Indestructible book, altering the shape and size of a weapon, shield, or suit of armor (within the limits of its type), or adding mundane upgrades to...
  14. Azath

    Alliance Oregon Donation Drive

    Update! Shave the beard is now ahead by $215!! Are we going to see that illustrious chin after all??? Only you can help decide!
  15. Azath

    Alliance Oregon Donation Drive

    Alliance Oregon is currently hosting its DONATION DRIVE!!! We’re trying to raise $2000 (or more!) for a new trailer to house Monster Camp! This would mean fewer storage payments for our organization, as well as easier means of bringing Monster Camp to and from events, and so much more! To do...