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  1. RiddickDale

    Meet Me in Two Days

    To All and Singular That This May Present, The final battle comes ever closer. We will meet in Fairedale to make our last stand. I know some people are coming who do not know how we ended up here. They may not know what our plan is. I will be there to fix that. I will be there to tell you...
  2. RiddickDale

    The Geist Awakens!

    Everyone. It’s time to get to work. I’ll be there waiting for those who will join me. Riddick
  3. RiddickDale

    The Burning Sigil Has Grown Bright Enough...

    To All and Singular That This May Present, My name is Riddick Dale. I am sure that you have all seen the burning sigil in the sky. This fiery constellation is not some random cosmic accident brought on by foolhardy elementals or adventurers. This sigil represents a deliberate attack on the...
  4. RiddickDale

    September Ashbury Pre registration

    I’d like to clarify that my title is actually: Undisputed Universal champion. Remember. I won BOTH heroes and casters. ;)
  5. RiddickDale

    September Ashbury Pre registration

    Also requesting Gargoyle cabin: Paid players: Me, John Wrobel, Craig Fiske, Jonathan Tomlinson, +1 incoming tonight
  6. RiddickDale

    September Ashbury Pre registration

    The Undisputed Universal Champion has paid.
  7. RiddickDale

    Hq June event Pre Reg.

    +1 Riddick Dale Event and membership paid.
  8. RiddickDale

    Happy to be back and helping the game again!

    Happy to be back and helping the game again!
  9. RiddickDale

    2.0 Production Conversion Info!

    Thank you so much! This tool is amazing!!!
  10. RiddickDale

    Weapon Shatter Inquiry

    Late to the party. But Riddick wears and indestructible backpack. BUT I do agree. The likelihood of it being a significant problem is not high.
  11. RiddickDale

    Second dinner this coming gather

    "Second Dinner?" How have I never heard of this glorious thing? - Riddick Dale
  12. RiddickDale

    Alliance Crossroads WTF?

    At present we are attempting to communicate with the contract holder and owner of the Ashville chapter. What was announced was, essentially, the resignation of a portion of his staff. Those people do not have the authority to close the chapter or terminate his contract with Alliance LARP. We...
  13. RiddickDale

    New Forum Rules Discussion

    Mike, Allow me to be direct. The time for pitchforks and torches is over. The anonymity of the moderators will NOT change. Discussing it on these board any further is not going to be productive as you are advocating for something we as a National staff will not do. This decision was made...
  14. RiddickDale

    New Forum Rules Discussion

    I want to be clear regarding the removal of those forums... This is not intended to be some harsh message that people shouldn't discuss possible rules changes. Some of the most interesting things to come about in the past have been from a few friends talking (wands and high magic come to mind)...
  15. RiddickDale

    Public Moderators

    Mike, The thread isn't locked. Regards, Stephen National CS
  16. RiddickDale

    Public Moderators

    I have to go spend time with my wife. I might not get to respond for a while. My silence does not mean I am ignoring you. I just want to play Splatoon. ;)
  17. RiddickDale

    Public Moderators

    That is a good point. We have been locking threads because we, as a group, thought that was a good idea. We can reevaluate that philosophy.
  18. RiddickDale

    Public Moderators

    The Paladins are anonymous, but the people who manage them are not. Is it really assumed that we don't deal with them? Or talk with them? or anything? Serious question... Would a more regimented appeals system make people less aggitated? Say.. If paladin of flame bans you for whatever.. You...
  19. RiddickDale

    Public Moderators

    I moderate under this account. To say that I have been treated "reasonably" by people I have disciplined because my name is public is false. There are some arguments against anonymous Paladins... That is plainly not one of them. With that said... These complaints and suggestions are being...
  20. RiddickDale

    Public Moderators

    It is worth noting, however, that the percieved "toxicity" is not the perception of all of the users on the forums. You are correct when you say that the forums are ON THE WHOLE better than a lot of other forums online. But, we do have a very vocal minority who takes their arguments too far...