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  1. Copper

    Earth Mentor Wanted

    Hello, I am seeking an informal mentor to assist me with filling in my spell book. I am still a novice when it comes to Earth Magic, so the spells I am seeking are of a relatively low level, but I feel they will make me a more effective ally on the battlefield. Specifically I am seeking the...
  2. Copper

    Seeking to Purchase Elixirs

    Greetings! I am interested in aquiring a quantity of Elixirs during this coming event. Specifically, Elixirs of Poison Shield and, to a lesser degree, Antidotes. I'd be willing to pay 3 silver pieces for each, with poison shields preferred. Exact quantities can be discussed. I must be able to...
  3. Copper

    New Player Reforge - Spellbook Question

    Hello! Regarding the character rewrite after your first game in Alliance, how are spellbooks handled? When I showed up to my first game as a Templar, I was given a spellbook with the relevant spells according to my slots circled. After my rewrite, when I show up to my second game, will I get a...
  4. Copper

    Leather Armor Question

    Hello, In page 79 of the rule book the "2 points" subsection states, "This level is awarded for the following types of armor coverage: leather 10 oz. or heaver..." If I were to layer thinner leather that amounts to 10 oz or higher, would that still be worth the 2 points? For example, stacking...
  5. Copper

    New Players in August

    Hey Everyone! After a half-year of prepping and missing events due to scheduling issues, we (Sleet's PC and I) are ready to attend our first event in a few weeks! I think we've read up as much as we can on the rules and regulations, but there's nothing that beats the company of other new folks...
  6. Copper

    Denver Character Population Question

    Hi! I'm a brand new player and was curious as to what the class populations for Denver are. Are there particular ones over or underrepresented? Is it a pretty even spread? I'm in the process of building my first PC and narrowed it down to a few choices (mostly in the Fighter-Scout-Rogue area)...