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  1. Vry_Young_Pup

    September Ashbury Pre registration

    Albert L paid to PC Vryan! Also, may Will H, Dustin S, Seth P, Adam C, and myself reserve Wyvern, please? Thank you!
  2. Vry_Young_Pup

    Weakness and Slay/Assassinate/Eviscerating Blow

    The text for Weakness in the beta ARB is completely unchanged from the 1.3 rulebook, which leads me to think it should work exactly how it did before. Since it's collectively agreed upon that Weakness did not affect Slay or Assassinate in 1.3 (despite, to my knowledge, no language in the 1.3...
  3. Vry_Young_Pup

    Weakness and Slay/Assassinate/Eviscerating Blow

    Does Weakness lower Slay, Assassinate, or Eviscerating Blow damage? For example, if I am under the Weakness effect and I wish to use my Eviscerating Blow, do I need to call it as "495 body"? I assume the answer is no, but the text for Weakness in the beta ARB seems a little ambiguous. It reads:
  4. Vry_Young_Pup

    Hq June event Pre Reg.

    Albert L paid to PC Vryan!
  5. Vry_Young_Pup

    Arcane Armor Refitting

    Any chance we can get an update on this for event(s) that are taking place this weekend?
  6. Vry_Young_Pup

    ARB: Alliance Rulebook Beta Feedback

    The above quote is from the pre-release packet v0.12b concerning the unique meditation rules for signature spells. I was not able to find reference to this anywhere in the beta ARB.
  7. Vry_Young_Pup

    2.0 Dragon Stamp Magic Items

    Can you combine two DS batches onto one item? Specifically, could you for example build a single weapon that has both Healing Imbuement (earth aspect only) and Magical Imbuement (celestial aspect only)? If yes, would you need to purchase a separate extender for both aspects?
  8. Vry_Young_Pup

    Stalwart Shield

    The text for Stalwart Shield indicates that it can only be cast on shields, but why not also allow it to be cast on a weapon? I don't think this would create a power imbalance, especially considering the difficulty of blocking packets with weapons. My guess is that this ritual was specifically...
  9. Vry_Young_Pup

    [.11] Alternative Life Idea

    I have an idea. What if you could spend 5 minutes First Aiding somebody to bring them from Dead to Unconscious? It is a significant enough time sink that it will be difficult to pull off in a fight, leaving Earth Scholars still the *best* at healing, but it's a skill that any character can...
  10. Vry_Young_Pup

    October event pre-reg

    I just forwarded it now.
  11. Vry_Young_Pup

    October event pre-reg

    Albert L paid to PC Vryan.
  12. Vry_Young_Pup

    May 4-6 Check-In and Players List

    Albert L to NPC. I believe I pre-logisted last Friday, but let me know if it didn't go through and I'll redo it.
  13. Vry_Young_Pup

    Looking for work!

    Seraph, I will pay you whatever sum of gold you feel is worth your time and efforts. ~ Lord Vryan
  14. Vry_Young_Pup

    Looking for work!

    Greetings Seraph, I would like to purchase between 50 and 100 fletched bolts. Name your price. ~ Lord Vryan
  15. Vry_Young_Pup

    April event pre-registration

    Albert L. paid to PC Vryan.
  16. Vry_Young_Pup

    Please help friends in need

    I will be bringing: Toiletries - 12 rolls toilet paper - 2 boxes of tissues - 4 bars of soap - 3 shower loofahs - 1 bag of feminine products - 1 bag of cotton balls - 1 bottle 2:1 shampoo - 1 tube toothpaste - 10x AA and 10x AAA batteries Clothes: - 2 ties - 1 belt (size ~34 men's) - 10 size...
  17. Vry_Young_Pup

    Weapon Shatter Inquiry

    Does a riposted shatter (or disarm) affect the weapon the attack was initially made with? This seems like the only logical conclusion, but I just want to make sure.
  18. Vry_Young_Pup

    Magic, Elemental, Earth/Chaos Strike

    While we're on the topic, I have two more questions. 1) Will a dispel remove an active Strike ritual, as it would a blade spell? What about unconsciousness and/or becoming dead? 2) Does a Strike ritual only affect the weapon that the ritual is cast on?
  19. Vry_Young_Pup

    Magic, Elemental, Earth/Chaos Strike

    Dan, has the number of charges per ritual been determined? Is it just one use per casting? Or can the rituals be cast at a higher difficulty for more charges?
  20. Vry_Young_Pup

    Magic, Elemental, Earth/Chaos Strike

    I was confused about this, as well. Specifically, this wording (bolding is mine): "In order to fuel this Ritual the character must spend a Back Attack or Critical Attack. Once the ten minute duration passes, another charge (and Back Attack or Critical Attack) must be spent to reactivate it."...