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  1. Shin

    The Passing of a Hero of Fortannis

    Fortannis, It is with great pride and love that I bring news of the passing of one of our World's Greatest Heroes. Zehnyu Shanshi has passed into the Forever Hunt, after giving all that she had in the defense of Fortannis and the Maelstrom. She returned from Death's realm to see her sworn oath...
  2. Shin

    Day of Days

    I stand with you and all those who stand in Defense of our Land and Home. From my First day to my Last. - Squire Shin
  3. Shin

    Gathering the Hope of Fortannis

    To all Those who stand in the Defense of Fortannis: The defenders of the land known as Maelstrom seek your help. Our world was once lost, destroyed by the forces of elementals and undead, of mortal ambition and cruelty, and of the greatest enemy of Fortannis, the Outsiders themselves. Over...
  4. Shin

    Daggers... Whats the point??

    Hahahaha oh my god, this pleases me so much that this is still ongoing. @Renner , @Nate, @krieger
  5. Shin

    Sealing the Well

    All, I am working on the calculations to be prepared to retrieve the necessities. When I am done, I'll be sure to make it known to you. I just need more time. - Squire Shin Shanshi House of the Zodiac
  6. Shin

    General Manager Update

    Congratulations Anthea! I am super excited!
  7. Shin

    Requesting a limited circle of power

    Kjeld, I will happily spell craft a Limited Circle for you, however you are not typically able to Invest people into a Spell Crafted Circle of power with the traditional means of investiture. You will need to cast an Investiture Ritual as well, if you wish to invest others into it beyond just...
  8. Shin

    A Call to The Maelstrom [Big West Hook]

    Mortikai, I'll contact you directly. There are some things no doubt that should be on hand, as it is a situation not unfamiliar to you, I would imagine. In Service, Squire Shin Shanshi
  9. Shin

    A Call to The Maelstrom [Big West Hook]

    To All those of Aer'Astria, I know many of you as Heroes and Friends. Many of you from The Golden Horn and even before that. I call now to each of you, each of you I have had the honor and privilege to stand beside in defense Sedovia and all those who I have yet to stand beside. I call to you...
  10. Shin

    Stories and Event Reviews for Enerret, April 14-16

    Hey Folks, Had a fantastic game with you all. It is a pleasure as ever to see new and old faces! Can't wait to see you again at either Big West or in June! In no specific order - Sneaking Mission through the sewers. - The trap you are ignoring is still a trap. But is it a trap if I spring it...
  11. Shin

    Enerret Season Opener: Red Resurrection April 14th -16th

    Hey, Everyone! We're excited to announce our up and comingEnerret Season Opener: Red Resurrection for April 14th -16th! This event will be hosted at Camp Cutter! Let us know what your characters have been doing this past month. Downtimes are due by Friday April 7th Send them to...
  12. Shin

    The Beacon of Hope [Big West Hook]

    To all Those who stand in the Defense of Fortannis: The Maelstrom and The Guardians of the New Moon call out to you. Some of you may know me, others of you may not. I come to each and every one of you now, in the hour of The Maelstrom's most desperate need. Those Wretched Beings of the Outside...
  13. Shin

    In the hopes of diminishing tension.

    Brian, Thank you very much for your extremely mature and open letter. It absolutely means a lot and I think this is a brilliant first step towards making sure everyone enjoys game, regardless of in game conflict. We will absolutely find ways to ensure players feel involved and members of the...
  14. Shin

    The Maelstrom Season Opener March 10th -12th

    UPDATE! Due to the recent mess that has been California's weather throughout the Santa Cruz mountains, here is a list of directions to Reach Camp Krem by means that are not presently cut off due to road damage. Please understand, because of the recent road damage, getting to site might take a...
  15. Shin

    Code of Conduct?

    Hey Mori, Presently, we have a physical document that you can read on site. However, there is also a base-line code of conduct in the Alliance LARP rulebook that should be read and observed as well. Let us know if you have any questions with an email to: Cheers, -Isaac...
  16. Shin

    The Maelstrom Season Opener March 10th -12th

    Hey, Everyone! We're excited to announce our up and coming Maelstrom Season Opener for March 10th- 12th, our Season's First weekend! This event will be hosted at Camp Krem! Let us know what your characters have been doing this past month. Downtimes are due by Monday February 27th Send them...
  17. Shin

    Alliance SF 2017 Season Pass

    The Alliance San Francisco Season Pass is back for 2017! As we did last year, we will be offering a Season Pass for our full season of events. We are excited to bring all our players both near and far the opportunity to blanket all our games for our 2017 Season. The Details: Our Season Pass...
  18. Shin

    Alliance SF 2017 Schedule

    Welcome back to the 2017 Season of Alliance San Francisco! We are happy to be returning to Camp Krem and Camp Cutter at long last. Please Contact Logistics at for any questions. February 18 - Tavern Night Location: TBA 4:00 P.M. to 10:00 P.M. March 10-12 - The...
  19. Shin

    Season 2, Event 6 - Panacea, Favorite Moments

    Hey Folks! Had a fantastic time at our Season Closer! 1. The Spirit Restoration ritual at last. It was a 24 hour heart racing marathon, I loved it. 2. Mandara Bola finally healed! Casting that Whispering Winds as he rifts behind me. 3. Late o'Clock with Mishan Vhan and the sleepy crew 4...