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  1. Krystina F

    Montana chapter

    Hi there! There's not currently a chapter in Montana, but depending on where you're moving in Montana, Calgary, Utah, Denver, Kansas and Minnesota would be your closest options... This of course would require some traveling to get to the sites.
  2. Krystina F

    Labor Day Weekend Event Favorite Moments!

    I HATE dolls, so yeah, a look of horror was very appropriate lol.
  3. Krystina F

    Labor Day Weekend Event Favorite Moments!

    What!!!??? It was just there on the bed all by itself, not in the OOG box. I was like, well, "Disease is a Hoarder, this is weird, but I'm going to roll with it," as I come running out of the cabin with it dangling from my hand.
  4. Krystina F

    Traveler from Stradyn

    Hello Flindo, The Ung Esthe is referring to are the masses of undead that have taken over the Auros Mountains, part of which used to be Red Thorn lands but was destroyed. We will be much deeper into the Mountains near a Necropolis where nothing but bad things will be occurring. You will hear...
  5. Krystina F

    I am only 12

    Feldor is correct. Oregon and Seattle both take younger players. At age 12 you can play, but we would need parental consent for you to play, and then a parent or guardian to join you at the event. We do have specific rules for safety for our younger players, but @Draven can totally assist you on...
  6. Krystina F

    Broken shards campaign

    Per our logistics team, you get 5 gobbies (goblins stamps) per $1 you donate. You need 30 gobbies to buy back a logistics period (1 day of a game), so it breaks down to $6 per logistics period or monthly blanket. Each game has 2 logistics periods. In essence, $12 per game you want to buy back...
  7. Krystina F

    Broken shards campaign

    Hi Justin, I believe this was answered in the email I had previously sent you on Friday morning. If my answer was unclear, please let me know.
  8. Krystina F

    Awesome Dark Elf

    Wow! They look amazing! That purple really pops like whoa! <3
  9. Krystina F

    Event Schedule 2020

    Updates!!! June Broken Shards game added!
  10. Krystina F

    ARB: Alliance Rulebook Beta Feedback

    I know this is stupid, as I'm a caster... but can't we just have a chart for ONE-handed weapons and another for TWO-handed weapons? Then that way it's clear how the weapon is needed to be used and then the requirements for length for it?
  11. Krystina F

    July 14th 2019 - Teacher Tags

    In Oregon we have a sheet that has a list of Player Name/Character Name for the Teacher, Player Name/Character Name for the Student and Skill taught. It's kept in a central location all game (which we announce at Opening), then collected by Logistics at the end of the game so they have...
  12. Krystina F

    Event Schedule 2020

    Updates!!! The January game has moved to the 17-19th to avoid overlapping with Seattle, and the May, August, & December games have been added.
  13. Krystina F

    Questions from a Possible New Player!

    You'll want to go here to create an account on our CMA. Once you get signed up, I can help you with creating a character in it (or a dummy PC if you want to NPC a game or two first). And that's where you'll end up going to pre-register for games...
  14. Krystina F

    July Event Favorite Moments

    I suppose I should jump on this train.... -Horribly botching that Lore ritual on my Pinecone... Welp, guess I'm Undead now. "Friend Ole is Undead" being yelled by Amory as I turn around screaming to attack Ulric. Then Disease and Death coming in while I was imprisoned in the Circle while...
  15. Krystina F

    Questions from a Possible New Player!

    Cabins: We have a super awesome little Google doc for each site for sign ups to each cabin for each venue, and there's almost always room for partner's to be in the same cabin. The beds are twins, so unless you like being super close you'll each need to be in separate beds. Non-Combat...
  16. Krystina F

    Questions from a Possible New Player!

    Hi there! I am Krystina, the new player rep for Oregon! We just had a game this weekend so I'm exhausted. But I wanted to let you know that I saw your post and will totally jump on your questions tomorrow! And I have answers for them all!!
  17. Krystina F

    Fellow scroll users

    This is what some folks use. It was designed by a fellow Alliance player to be worn on the belt and have the scrolls hole punched on one end and inserted into her "scrollodex." You would rip them out, thus destroying the tag, after use...
  18. Krystina F

    2.0 Conversion Information

    Don't forget Conversion Party at my place June 8th! DM me here, on Discord or on FB for the address! If you can't make it's not the end of the world-- You can still do this all by email!
  19. Krystina F

    Event Schedule 2020

    Fixed! This is what I get for copying the 2019 post for formatting lol.
  20. Krystina F

    Event Schedule 2020

    Hello all! Here's the current dates for our 2020 season: Jan 17-19th 2020, Brooks Memorial State Park, Broken Shards Feb 21-23rd 2020, Camp Kiwanilong, Aer'Astrian Apr 10-12th 2020, Camp Kiwanilong, Aer'Astrian May 8-10th 2020, Brooks Memorial State Park, Aer'Astrian June 26-28th 2020...