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  1. Ken

    Feb 2020 Infograph - Crafting

    Using potions offensively in combat has a ritual requirement (Potion Coating). I guess you could render an enemy helpless (or trick them) to pour a Sleep, Charm, or Paralysis potion down their throat, but that's not exactly a combat usage.
  2. Ken

    The Tiberion Council Background and Explanation

    Just to be clear here, you're saying that only characters proclaiming residence in (or are willing to move to) the estate of New Acarthia are eligible? That is, other Acarthian citizens, including anyone living anywhere else in the ducal fiefs, the four baronies within the duchy, the other...
  3. Ken

    Relic suggestions, to buy, for an elf

    Is this for your celestial staff-using elf? If so, consider finding the Enhanced Source ritual so that you can use your staff as a source for both schools. But having a backup relic is still a good idea. My recommendation would be some sort of pendant, since you can easily wear it at your neck...
  4. Ken

    Dragon stamps Q&A

    As long as the item's ritual count limit isn't hit, yes, all of that is fine. For point #3, in case it isn't clear, the rituals that you cast later would be a distinct batch with its own shorter duration. If you're thinking about buying a Preserve with DS, keep in mind that it's cost effective...
  5. Ken

    Confused about Character Creation

    There's no button to submit a character. Just register for an event with it when you're ready. In the "Manage Character" section of the character sheet, there is an option to discard the character. The Templar class was renamed "Spellsword" in 2.0. You can change your character's class at any...
  6. Ken

    Traps with the New Game Room Mechanic

    The standard for area traps seems to be that if multiple area traps have the same trigger, then a single instance of the relevant defense will block all of them. So in your example with 5 explosive traps, it would seem like it depends on whether one trap blowing up the other four counts as a...
  7. Ken

    Traps with the New Game Room Mechanic

    Tangent: Since Dispel is in the Protection group, Dispel Scrolls can't be placed in scroll traps.
  8. Ken

    Spell Store Aspect

    Some spells are Earth and Celestial. If cast from memory, there's nothing in the call to indicate aspect compatibility to the recipient. Does it matter what school the spell slot was if the spell exists in both schools? Do the caster and the recipient need to briefly check OOG that their aspects...
  9. Ken

    Looking for volunteers for Treasure Bag

    Thank you for your service, Goodman Belswin! At least a few representatives of the Merchants Guild would be happy to take over this responsibility for you. I eagerly await your instruction on the finer points of this role at your next convenience. - Assistant Guildmaster Markov of the New...
  10. Ken

    The reality of the staff rules

    #1 may also be related to the fact that it's a blunt weapon. No blunt weapon in Alliance can stab, whether or not it's got a thrust tip, and whether or not the real-world weapon would be useful to thrust with. They cost less XP to reflect this, but some skills also only work with blunt weapons...
  11. Ken

    Resolved 2.0 Carrier Defenses vs Armor

    As I have gotten zero responses on this in Marshal Questions in over a month, could ARC take a stab at it?
  12. Ken

    The reality of the staff rules

    Maybe add Warstaff as a special weapon exclusive to 2H Master. All the advantages of Polearm and Staff in one package - two business ends, 1H block, thrusting, relaxed grip rules, and maybe even still counts as a Staff for Archmage purposes.
  13. Ken

    Fortress clarifications

    That's lower-case weapon, not Weapon Qualifier, so does this protect against physical delivery Poison-qualifier attacks? Not all weapon attacks do damage. Does fortress block swings like "Weapon Sleep" on the basis that 0 damage is less than 10, or do they go through on the basis that there's no...
  14. Ken


    Welcome! October is the last event of the season, so you've got a few months at least to read up and think about costuming. If you wanted to play sooner, some chapters do play over the winter, but our nearest neighbors (Utah and Kansas) are also done for the season.
  15. Ken

    Alliance 2.0 Rulebook: Beta 2

    Blast Globes cost significantly more than the equivalent Evocation Bolt scroll. Slow, Shatter, and Silence trap globes also come at a premium compared to equivalent scrolls. They're more convenient and have a better qualifier, even if they do require more skill to use. Poison Shield and...
  16. Ken

    Alliance 2.0 Rulebook: Beta 2

    Alchemy and traps are generally more expensive than the equivalent potions and scrolls, yes.
  17. Ken

    New policy - skill sell back

    Yes. Open up the spell pyramid interface and each level should also be a link. That will take you to the individual skill, which can potentially be sold back.
  18. Ken

    Seeking staff phys rep to borrow

    Staves is a plural form of staff.
  19. Ken

    Seeking staff phys rep to borrow

    I usually have extra staves and should be able to bring one in October.
  20. Ken

    Resolute vs Massive

    Can you Resolute against Massive damage? Massive beats any kind of defense except the ones that cause you not to get hit in the first place (Evade, Dodge, Phase). One of the defense types is "Reduced". While some "Reduced" type defenses are mentioned in the packet, Resolute isn't listed as a...