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    Clothiers will not be in attendance next gather...

    Clothiers will not be in attendance for the next gather as well as I am closed for commission for summer. However if you require small pieces or recipe work, then inquire. Fair thee well in the next gather, Zimps
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    Contracting with the Clothiers

    Due to the nature of our business as Clothiers, the clothiers will now be implementing a new contracting rule on which how business will be conducted. As one can imagine gathering supplies can vary land to land and time of season and availability. As well as the time it takes for paws to make...
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    In search of recipes

    I am currently looking for clothiers recipes if new ones has surfaced AND leatherworking recipes. If you have the recipes, I am willing to make a very fair deal with you in the name of the clothiers guild. Zimps
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    Current guild points

    Current guild points: Active all gathers Zimps (head) active Keep up the good work! Zimps
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    A petition for combination

    I am petitioning for the leatherworkers to combine with the clothiers. This has been a bee in my bonnet for quite some time and I believe I have other who feel the same. With the rules being any person cannot join more than two guilds at one time and the lack of those joining the...
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    Update on Services offered by Clothier/Leatherworkers

    Just your friendly neighborhood coyote here extending services. As a clothier, I can make and repair. As well as alter and some light embroidery work. If you need a repair, dream me ahead of time. If you need a repair during a gather, feel free to seek me out. I do bring a repair kit with me...
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    Furs and wood

    ill be setting up a bigger work area soon where I'll be producing more wares. Due to situations and intense travel my production in the past had been slowed. However along with sewing requests and needs, I am gathering quite an interest in fur tanning and wood workings such as carving and...
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    You like magic swords? Well, for sale

    Hi, Just your friendly neighborhood coyote friend Zimps here offering a deal you may have been waiting for! In my possession! Willing to do trade or sell, best offers! I love Barran items if you are into that trade sort of thing. But coin speaks in all lands as well. Damage Aura +2, activate...
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    I'm still avidly searching for eldersteel for one of my recipes! If anyone has the eldersteel or can let me know what it takes to make the material, please contact me so we can make a deal! Zimps Clothiers Guild
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    Things for sale!

    I have many things for sale! None have magical qualities but will serve you well! Assortment of bags of all sizes A bandoleer/belt bag that can fit most all. Lightweight Hoods. Some with fur. Some with velvet. All different colors (private contact if you would like custom) Treasure chests of...
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    Disney vacation planning from someone who knows fantasy!

    Hey there, fellow alliance player Shawna here to trying to boost my job. A job to help you enjoy yourself, get away, and create magic. I am a trained Disney vacation specialist affiliated with Academy Travel to quote and book Disney destination getaways. Let vacation begin from one email/phone...
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    Copper, bones, and eldersteel oh my

    As winter approaches and you find yourselves bored in your warm keeps or waiting out the snow storms to continue your quests you might find yourselves going over your treasures. Well, your friendly neighborhood coyote is offering monies for the following: Bones of any type (00g: this would be...
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    Race and traveling

    Now lets say I get plot approval to be a dinosaur kin in one chapter but another chapter didnt approve the request. Will that prevent me from traveling? Can you even make someone's pc an Lco?
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    Resolved Dinosaurkin

    I've witnessed pc play extinct animals. Including ones that would not be discovered in medieval times. Being medieval fantasy I guess it opens the door for this. With that being said the rule book says we can play any kin that is not a cat race or mythological animal. So by that logic a...
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    I've witnessed pc play extinct animals. Including ones that would not be discovered in medieval times. Being medieval fantasy I guess it opens the door for this. With that being said the rule book says we can play any kin that is not a cat race or mythological animal. So by that logic a...
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    I would like to petition to be a member of this guild. I have been known beyond the mists to have busy paws when it comes to the sewing arts. During my unfortunate war wounds that left me with an extended duration of a mild case of common canine bloat I found time to dedicate more so into the...
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    Guilds in general

    Does anyone know where I can acquire the list of guilds in Barran? I have interests in the guilds since my last visit and hopefully can find a guild that I can contribute to whether it be now or when I recover from my war-tattered state and can hold my sword and shield once more. Corporal...
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    Formal Wylderkin Council

    Calling all wylderkin of Fortannis! I am working with a few selected delegates to construct a formal series of books that will document the personal beliefs, cultures, and values of different wylderkin in each kingdom. To be a delegate you MUST be able to read and write. The responsibility of...
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    Looking for a place to lay my head

    Unfortunately the mists did not open up to me last adventure. However it seems they are more willing this time around. However I am lost for a place to lay my head and paws after a hard days (and nights) service. I will not arrive early enough Friday to "claim" a "public" common room bed nor my...
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    A coyotes howl will be heard soon...

    I seem to feel the mists going to be pulling me all over. Including this area about the month of September. I don't have much to offer except excellence in service. In fact I plan to take up the pack Vanguard of the work the pack leader "Grim" has mentioned. If there is anything I can do for...