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  1. Gwendara

    Many challenges

    Greetings to my fellow Icenians and adventurers from all lands. As Grim has stated better than I could, we have faced and suffered many blows these past years. There are not enough words to aptly express my gratitude and respect for the aid and stubborn tenacity you all have shown. We have...
  2. Gwendara

    MISS YOU!!!

    I just wanted to say I miss you guys and the game SOOO effing much! This season sounds so awesome. With work, and teaching, and classes I've barely had enough time to eat a meal at home lately. I'm gonna see some of you at comic con next weekend I hope though!! I'm living vicariously through...
  3. Gwendara


    So I plotted out the events calendar with my projected work schedule and it's a bleak, bleak future for my playing in HQ. I work every single HQ event except Labor Day weekend. To make an event I would have to use 36 hours of vacation time, and we only get 52 for the year. Sadly with the way the...
  4. Gwendara

    With regret

    To those who considered Khaadijah friend: Let me introduce myself, I am Gwendara Alanik a biata from the lands of Icenia. I am the Seneschal of an adventuring group known as the Stormblades. I am blood bonded with Admiral Zehnyu and was close friends with Admiral Parduc before her and was also...
  5. Gwendara

    HQ opener med staff

    With Cortni and I at the event we will be your primary medical staffers. Cortni may not be able to be on site until Saturday so I would like to get someone to fill in with me at least for Friday night. If anyone on the certified list would like to be on-call please let me know either here on the...
  6. Gwendara

    Medical Staff and Procedures

    Hi Guys! The first event is almost upon us, and as such I wanted to post how we will be working medical care for HQ. For all those people who are certified in First Aid, CPR, First Responder, EMT, Paramedic or even the Army CLS, you have the option of becoming part of the medical team. What we...
  7. Gwendara

    You know you're missing Alliance when...

    The title of your work e-mail from your boss is "Blankets" and you think "wait... what event is this for?", then open it only to find the company bought some blankets to protect our patients from the cold. Haha!
  8. Gwendara

    Medical Certifications

    Hi guys, I would like to get a list of people who are certified and with what certifications. Even if it is a military certification that is not recognized in the private sector I would still like to know because your training will still be very helpful in the event of a serious injury. So far...
  9. Gwendara

    I am ok

    I know some people have been contacting Cortni because they are worried after the Ft. Hood shootings. Our unit was possibly going to demobilize through there, but we are now going to process through Ft. Dix since it is closer to PA. I haven't left Iraq yet, but I am safe. Please don't worry...
  10. Gwendara


    Hi, I sent a couple e-mails to logistics to follow up on a check I sent out several weeks ago. I know the mail takes a week to get to the US from Iraq, however I sent a check out to another chapter at the same time and it was cashed on the 19th. I would like it if someone could get back to me...
  11. Gwendara

    Player's Guide

    Is there any way to get an electronic (.pdf, scanned, or otherwise) version of the Player's Guide like we can the rulebook? I'd really like to get my own copy to read over, but getting Amazon to ship to APO addresses can be a pain. Seems to take a really long time and is unreliable, at least...
  12. Gwendara

    Stats Update

    Hi guys! Got some time on the internet and thought I'd give you an update. I'm in Kuwait safely. Not sure how long we will be here, depends on when the ship comes in with our stuff to assemble and all that. Anyway, I have what should be my address to mail things to if any of you feel so...
  13. Gwendara


    Hey guys! Just thought I'd give you a little update. I've been at Ft. Sill on mobilization training for about two weeks now. I'm working in the operations office so we're planning all the training, validating training, writing orders and a whole bunch of other stuff that keeps us pretty busy...
  14. Gwendara


    For those of you who don't know, I figured this is the easiest way to talk to everyone. I am indeed deploying to Iraq early next year. I've seen the alert order so it's for real. They were trying to get me to stay behind with the rear detachment so I could continue to work on my PhD. That didn't...
  15. Gwendara

    OCT Favorites

    Ok, I'll start this one: Running around this weekend with my older "sister" Khaadijah, and stealing feathers from an NPC biata so we could go to the Healer's Guild party which we thought was going to be all biata and MWE. How else to get in as a Sarr but to steal feathers, put them on our faces...
  16. Gwendara

    To those who held Fairdale with me

    Fellow adventurers, First, I wish to express my regret to Amaranthus Landcharmer. I know the pain of obliteration, and I feel responsible for not being able to stop Feldherr Orlantha Reidic from taking you. This is only tempered by the fact that your spirit was strong enough to return to us...
  17. Gwendara

    Cake Makeup

    Hey! I need to get some red, white, and black makeup and wondered if anyone knows of a site/brand that is particularly good. Something with good coverage would always be nice. :) Thanks! -Christine
  18. Gwendara

    With regrets as well...

    I will also be unable to attend the ball and tournament this year. Unexpected work calls. I apologize to all and hope you have an excellent time. Drink a bit of Darkan's mead for me. Honor and duty, -Gwendara Alanik Seneschal of the Stormblades
  19. Gwendara

    So Tell Me

    To those who may know the details, I have a question concerning the protocols of Honor Combat. I have only seen a few in my time, and believe I understand the basic rules though I would appreciate clarification if I am wrong. 1. The challenger sets the conditions: weapons, skills to be used...
  20. Gwendara

    Make-up for scarring

    Hey, I have an alt character in mind who's going to have a decent amount of scarring on the right side of her face. I know there are some liquid scarring make-ups out there but I've heard mixed reviews about them. Anyone have suggestions on stuff that works well? Thanks!