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  1. henrythemad

    To Ashbury, With Love

    Dear Ashbury, I’m very sad that I won’t be there to be part of the end of your story. I want you to know that myself and a group of “old timers” from up North were planning on attending but we didn’t quite get all of our ducks in a row to secure sleeping accommodations, so I am happy (and...
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    Stormbreak: Epilogue - The First Five Years

    OOG: The following takes place over the five years directly after the end of the events of the Stormbreak finale event. ANY character who was in Stormbreak is welcome to have lived through these experiences IG. When you leave the Maelstrom - you will travel BACK IN TIME to the present day...
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    Get in your 1-2 paragraph epilogue contribution by the end of the week if you character is from the Maelstrom, OR you are killing off your PC to stay in Stormbreak. The Epilogue will cover five years which your PC will live through before they are presented with a heroic reason to leave, after...
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    Stormbreak Campaign Update

    Greetings! The Alliance Stormbreak plot team has an important announcement: After much discussion the plot team of Alliance Stormbreak has decided that will complete our story in one final, pre-rules change Alliance event. It is our conclusion that the salient parts of our tale can be...
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    Stormbreak 2019, Final Season: Event Schedule

    2019 Schedule, teasers will be added as the event comes closer. "The Fall of the House of Wyndael" May 17 – 19: Stormbreak, Season 3, Finale Max Level 16 We know when it starts. We know when it ends. We understand it. War. War divides. It draws lines that separates sister from brother...
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    Hear ye!

    By decree of the High Magnates of House Wydael, Izikiel Ryatt and Elizabeth Keenan all Wylderkin are invited to approach any member of the Cabinet of Wyndael and answer the following question: What Will the Future of Wyndael Hold? The High Magnates invite an open forum for all Wylderkin to...
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    The Wyndael Word - July, 21, 6e

    The Wyndael Word All the news of Wyndael! July, 21, 6E Luin Geifer Makes Claim to Imperial Throne In the last days of June, the High Magnates Elizabeth Keenan and Ezikiel Ryatt made a startling announcement. With Luin Geifer, the former Overlord of House Geifer by their side they explained...
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    Friends to Wyndael

    Hear ye, On Friday next, the 18th day of the 5th month of the 20th year 6e, defenders and honored friends of Wyndael are invited to the mess hall in Stormbreak keep to hear the announcement of new cabinet members to House Wyndael. As you know we draw most excellent citizens from both House...
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    The Story Thus Far

    Hi all, this is a quick OOG breakdown of IG information that is out in the world and that players can (and should) know going into the world within the Maelstrom, specifically as it pertains to the events surrounding Stormbreak Keep - the central setting of our story. Pre Season 1: The...
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    We are bad at math (Season 2 starting build cap)

    Looking for someone who is better at build math than us to let us know the minimum build that we can start with - then we'll put up some polls and see where we can start the season off next month! HtM
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    Stormbreak 2018, Season 2 event schedule

    Season 2 Event 1 May 18 – 20: Stormbreak Political Aspirations. Stormbreak Season 2, Opening Event. After the hardest winter on record the spring brings with it the Harbinger of a new threat. An old enemy offers an alliance as the trolls focus on forging more than just a cauldron. The...
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    Winter Write-up (IBGA)

    Hello! Your plot team would like all IBGA submissions sent to by October 1st! The IBGA should cover what your intentions are over the winter. Read the newsletter before submitting (it should be out in the next couple of days). Remember that we want you to...
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    House Wyndael Sigil - Poll (Closes 10/1/2017)

    I've collected your suggestions and have put this poll together. Feel free to argue ideas on this thread, be polite and constructive, please! HtM
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    House Wyndael Sigil

    Let's here some ideas, folks. We will take the serious suggestions and make a poll and have our players vote. Please recall that the house colors are Purple, Blue, and Pink (for the sigil). Yes we are aware that those colors may match some flags in the real world and are happy with the...
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    Build Cap Poll for S1:E3, Stormbreak Season One Finale: Keys to the Keep

    The season finale for Stormbreak Season 1 is August 18th-20th!! Folks who have already played Stormbreak - please participate in the poll. Please vote before THURSDAY, JULY 27th so we can let people know. If you have not NPCd or PCd any Stormbreak Event, please refrain from participating in...
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    IBGA Deadline for 1:3 is Friday, July 14th.

    IBGA Deadline for 1:3 is Friday, July 14th. Thanks. HtM #breakthestorm #itsonlyreign #operationrescuemagnates #needlessplotdeaths (#Justkidding.)
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    Build Cap Poll for S1:E2, Echo Chamber

    Folks who have already played Stormbreak - please participate in the poll. Please vote before next THURSDAY so we can let people know. If you have not NPCd or PCd the First Stormbreak Event, please refrain from participating in this Poll unless you have a blank character from Stormbreak who...
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    RP for spell casting!

    The RP effects for spell casting is essentially our chapter's flavor text. It is there to remind you that you are inside the Maelstrom and that the setting itself is inherently impactful. So, what did you think?
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    reflections on the "end of the event" and narrative structure

    Your typical Alliance event ends on an upswing. Or a definitive downswing. Some form of resolution. A catharsis - a point where you can clearly define that part of the story has ended, and the next part has begun. In my opinion, to do otherwise is essentially rude to the players who show up...